HOW TO: Root Your Desire Easily (Method #2)

This guide is for Windows users who don’t feel comfortable with Method #1.  It’s still really quite easy to follow as you’ll see…
Whilst these instructions will work, I’ll try to go into a bit more detail tomorrow and hopefully get a video tutorial up too.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for anything that may go wrong by you following these instructions.  Proceed at your own risk!

What You’ll Need

  1. unrEVOked3 for Windows – download


  1. Uninstall HTC Sync if you have it installed
  2. Install the hboot driver using these instructions (it says Evo, but works for Desire) – when complete restart your phone
  3. Reinstall HTC Sync
  4. Double-click the reflash-bundle.exe file you just downloaded
  5. It will ask you where to install it, so just pick a location on your computer you can remember


  1. Go to where you installed Unrevoked
  2. On your Desire go to Settings > Applications > Development and make sure you have USB Debugging turned on
  3. Connect your phone to computer via USB
  4. Run reflash
  5. Wait a couple of minutes whilst your phone is rooted
  6. If all goes well you’ll have a rooted phone

Final Word

Once rooted, you can install HTC Sync again.

At the end of this guide your phone should be rooted and you’ll be in recovery mode.  At this point you can restart your phone and continue using it normally, but with the bonus of having root permissions.
You’ll be able to run apps that need root permissions like ShootMe for screenshots, and Titanium Backup which lets you make a backup of all your apps and the app data (really suggest you do this if you’re going to install a custom ROM)

You can now move on to installing custom ROMS including the leaked version of Froyo if you like 🙂


  1. 17 July 2010 09:29: Added “Reinstall HTC Sync” step.  This will make sure the phone is always recognised and prevent it from being reported as “disconnected”.  Still need to uninstall so that you can install the hboot driver without interruptions.
  2. 21 July 2010 19:18: Added note that phone should be restarted after installing hboot drivers
  • All went well for me, thank you. Can USB debugging be disabled once installation is complete?

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  • I have downloaded the unrEVOked3 for Windows, and each time I double click the file i get this error message:
    “Non 7-zip archive”??!!!!!!

  • work AMAZINGLY after i uninstalled htc sync during rooting. thanks man.

  • Thanks a lot.

    Would help if you could hotlink Method #1. Your blog search crashed on me 🙂

  • ant

    installing package failed? im confused, any help would be appriciated

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  • Same for me “installing package failed”, any help ? Did all the steps and HTC sync in uninstalled..

  • I found the solution for people having also the error : “installing package failed”.
    You have to use the version 3.21 of Unrevocked, here is the link :

    Have fun

  • got Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new.
    I’ve got 2.2 software no. 2.29.405.5 and HBOOT 0.93.001

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  • does not work…
    reflash keeps waiting for device… nothing happens…

  • This Method 2 Works like charm!…Try without any hesitation!. None of ma data was deleted and within 5 min i had a rooted phone…Fuck…its awesome…

  • bob

    Worked for me.
    Previous guides didn’t work for me.
    I think the difference was installing HTC Sync at step 3.
    (Did you mean uninstall?)
    I did not have it installed initially, but decided to re-install anyway.
    It seems confusing. Reinstall at step 3. And then at the end of the guide, once rooted, you can re-install. No mention of uninstall!
    I don’t care now. Worked for me anyways. Thanks for the guide.

    (feel free to edit/remove this comment if you want)

  • I have an HTC desire from US cellular. I’ve been looking for a method to root my phone, but it doesn’t have the HBOOT USB option. Anyone have any ideas?

  • it will have hboot usb option if your phone is plugged in to the computer

  • i have root access now but for some reason cant send any mms anymore but can receive them anyone else had this problem?

  • Mt

    if i root my phone, will i be able to continue downloading apps from android market?

  • Super…was finished in a few minutes….no wipe.

  • ns`

    failed to get root :is your firmware too new…
    i got this message …..what should i do.pls help………..

  • ns`

    failed to get root : is your firmware too new…
    i ve got htc desire with android version of 2.2,software number 2.11.832.3
    might be useful
    what should i do? pls help guys

  • I got this method to work but i had to install the HTC Sync Version: 3.0.5551 and make sure your Desire connects up this will install the HTC SYNC app on your phone.
    Then close the HTC Sync and end it out of the Windows system tray so basically only the driver is loaded, then in your phones settings>connect to PC make the default connection type charge only or HTC sync and press done(can not remember which), now after Unrevoked3 runs it should all communicate properly and then the root authority stuff can be applied, i had several attempts at this until i got set up as explained above.

  • Htc desire HD (ace) is not supported :..(

  • This worked a charm for me thanks so much whoever posted this.

  • thank you so much! it was easy and fast! I’m a junior but it was easy… and successfully passed.
    well done buddy 🙂

  • will this method work on desire cdma?

  • thanks so so much, been wanting to root forever but never had the courage, now i wonder why i never did it earlier.

  • y i open unrevoked… write “communication with phone unexpectedly interrupted. Try again??
    please help~~

  • When i run reflash it just keep standing at waiting for device… and nothing happens

  • I have a problem it says Validation error:Backup CID missing

  • if you have “communication with phone unexpectedly interrupted. Try unrEVOked 3.21

  • Jay

    I was getting the communication error, downloaded 3.21 and it worked. Make sure you re-install HTC Sync after the driver load or it wont work. Thanks to the developer. 😉

  • anne

    reflash keeps waiting for device…nothing happens…what should i do?

  • it doesn’t work

  • If you have an error during reflash, try to unninstall somo apps to free up some internal storage space.
    I has this error and unninstalled some apps till I got 40 mb free and all gone right.

  • Keerti


    Uninstall HTC Sync if you have it installed
    Install the hboot driver using these instructions (it says Evo, but works for Desire) – when complete restart your phone


    Double-click the reflash-bundle.exe file you just downloaded. Click Run if on Win 7.
    On your Desire go to Settings > Applications > Development and make sure you have USB Debugging turned on and connect the phone via USB
    Wait a couple of minutes whilst your phone is rooted.
    This may take about 5-6 reboots, Don’t disconnect the phone from USB at ANY COST! It was Screw up the phone.
    If all goes well you’ll have a rooted phone

  • mop

    using windows 7…and have done the hboot drivers…but unrevoked is just stuck on Waiting for device.
    I’ve tried several times….help!

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  • Tj

    I did all the steps, and after I run the unrEVoked3 it gets through all the steps until “Waiting for root… (safe to restart if this doesn’t work)” And then nothing happens.

    I’m not sure what to do from here, any help would be nice.

  • geoooo

    when i run reflash it says waiting and nothing happens HELP!!

  • Kev

    Most of the headers and subjects aren’t on Win7

    Can’t do anything. I’ll search another site for coherent info.

  • Fred

    Really easy thx a lot!

  • Djo

    Does this method work properly on the HTC Desire?

  • isaac

    I did everything and when it gets to the waiting for root i just stays there and doesnt go any further it also gives me a waiting for system to settle message. anyone know what im doing wrong??

  • khoa

    Same here. Open Evo3, then get msg waiting for device, plug phone in now…”..nothing happens. debugg off. Any ideas?

  • Khoa

    Finally worked. Only thing I did different was download the revoke for MAC, and it recognized my phone..everything went smooth after that.

  • Ibrahim

    I don’t have HTC Sync in my htc desire. my laptop can’t identify my set.
    from where i can install htc sync in my phone. i have installed htc sync in my laptop. but need it for my phone.waiting for your suggestions. thanks.

  • vivek

    error:failed to get your firmware too new?
    suggestion plz