Actually….Gingerbread IS Coming to the HTC Desire!

Yesterday I posted up an article on HTC’s statement saying that the HTC Desire will not be receiving an upgrade to Gingerbread.  However, earlier today they changed their minds and have created a new post which says:

Contrary to what we said earlier, we are going to bring Gingerbread to HTC Desire

This is great news for everyone, all though of course they’ve not published any estimated release dates yet!

Thanks to reader WeeJockey for noticing this!

  • Yeah, well…I’m not holding my breath. Whenever it was that CM7 nightlies came to Desire, I’ve been on GB. So whether it comes or not (and when) – I don’t really care. The functionality the official update will have is going to be older anyway (probably still sense 1.0)

  • Hi,

    I already routed my mobile and it is running in OXYGEN2.1.3.
    Is there any way yo switch back to original HTC Sense UI and update to android 2.3 ?

    C. Vignesh

  • Ginger is already on my Desire, in CM7 flavour.
    They have to thanks HTC and “No gingerbread/Yes gingerbread” confusion.
    I have to thanks them also cause I find out great ROM that made my phone super fast with a lot of free space 🙂

  • Pip

    Just applying gingerbread update now to my unbranded desire Z.

    Must have come out within the last hour or so, have been checking regularly all day.

  • Bjorn

    HTC officialy released the Gingerbread update on 1 August as a RUU install, there will be be no OTA release.

    you can download the RUU at

  • jay

    so I installed gingerbread on my old HTC Desire and was very happy with just how sprightly the phone is now. no real sense of whether it has better battery life or anything, but I did experience one problem:

    Lithium Music Player ( )

    Is one of many applications that I have purchased which the Android Market compatibilitty test now says is no longer compatible with my handset. It was installed under Froyo and no longer compatible under Gingerbread (despite the app being listed as compatible with Android 2.0 and up).

    My recommendation, install Gingerbread, check the market for similar issues, and roll back to Froyo if you have a similar issue with incompatible applications

  • Gingerbread is now here!! It will never be available for general release but has been released on the HTC developer website! I have loaded mine up – painless and relatively quick!

  • Hi

    I have installed Gingerbread Official release in my HTC desire. Its awesome. Some times unexpected struck happens( very rare). But very good thing is ‘ Very Good Battery life compared to froyo ‘. With HTC Sense more optimised. by the way GPS works very well with this version


  • Murtuza

    Any news for any ICS ROMs for Desire ?

  • Ashissh Kapoor

    Someone has mentioned above, that I can install gingerbread by going to their developer website “” but I can not yet find a way to do it. Can someone please guide further. I see no documentation on the website.

    Thanks in advance

  • Daandk

    android 2.3 can be found here. (first download)

  • I managed to install official version of Android Gingerbread on my HTC Desire. And this problem with low system memory isn’t something that causes problem as long as you can transfer most apps from system memory to SD card.

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