GAMES: 10 3D Games Coming This Friday from Gameloft

Until now there haven’t been many 3D games for Android.  Most of us have stuck to our puzzle games, and the few 3D games out there such as SpeedForge3D and ToonWarz.  However, today Gameloft tweeted some exciting news for all you gamers out there:

We announced 10 HD games for Android smartphones: they’ll be live Friday through Gameloft’s wap & website

The games are as follows:

  1. Tom Clancy’s HAWX
  2. Asphalt 5
  3. Real Football 2010
  4. Hero of Sparta
  5. Gangstar – West Coast Hustle
  6. Modern Combat: Sandstorm
  7. NOVA: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
  8. Let’s Golf
  9. Assassin’s Creed
  10. Dungeon Hunter

View the video of the games here:

Looking at Gameloft’s pricing for iPhone games, you’re looking about £3-4 for a game but here’s hoping for introductory discounts!
I’m personally interested in Let’s Golf and Dungeon Hunter, but no doubt I’ll end up buying all of them before long.

Tomorrow Google are going to be announcing Froyo, and we’ll find out if we can install applications to the SD card.  Then we just need HTC to release the software update for us Desire owners and all our phones can be filled new games without the worry of running out of free space.  Good times 😀

  • SuperRon

    Hi, I know this is probably not the place to ask this but I could find no contact me area on the website.

    I was wondering if you knew how to stop the desire messaging app from assigning text messages from people you don’t know to a random contact in your phonebook.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Patrick Brennan

    Like the comment above< I know this is not the place to ask questions,but this site seems quite informative.I have downloaded astro file manager,but dont know how to add files to it.I would be grateful if you could give link to join your site.and also if poss set up a Q and A section

  • MrBrightside

    @SuperRon – I’ve never had that issue. I’ll look into and see if others have then let you know if there’s a fix.

    @Patrick – I’ll get a contact form setup later on – in the meantime you can contact me via Twitter (MiHTCDesire). Astro File Manager is just a file manager that lets you view and manage files on your SDCard. To get files on your card you connect it to your computer and use the “Disk Drive” option. It’ll appear like a USB drive on your computer and you can copy anything you want across such as music and video. A Q and A section also sounds like a good idea 😉

  • Woodbine

    Go to the Gameloft website to purchase Dungeon Hunter for your HTC Desire and you are informed that “Dungeon Hunter is not available for your phone at the moment”. Big disappointment for me and no apparent sign of an impending release, certainly no dates noted. It *is* available for the Nexus One though.

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