FAQS: Your HTC Desire Questions Answered #2


Here’s more FAQ’s based on reader questions over the past couple of weeks:

  1. How Can I Close An Application?
    Firstly, there’s no need to except for the rare exceptions.  Android handles multiple applications running at the same time by itself (multi-tasking).  It will stack applications in the background until it finds that it’s running low on memory.  As soon as it does it will close the oldest applications you used.  When you switch between applications, Android puts the app in a standby state where it’s using almost no system resources and therefore doing no harm in still being open.
    Some applications come with a Quit option which you can use.  Otherwise, if you really need to close an app you can use the built-in task killer, or download a dedicated Task Manager from the Market.
  2. How Can I Play Super Nintendo Games on my HTC Desire?
    There’s a great SNES emulator in the Market called Snesoid.  There’s a free version, and full-featured paid version too.
  3. When is Froyo going to be released?
    There’s no set release date.  As described earlier, firstly Google need to release Froyo, and then HTC modify it so that it has all the HTC Sense features.
    Plenty of rumours have been flying around the internet in the past weeks that I’ve mentioned on Twitter but I’ve felt no need to post on here because that’s all they are, rumours – no use getting peoples hopes up with speculation.  HTC have not mentioned any such release dates themselves, yet people tend to hold it against HTC when these rumours are proved false.  We just need to wait to hear from HTC themselves when they intend to release it.
    An additional rumour is that Google are actually working alongside HTC so that the Sense version of Froyo is available on the same day as the official Froyo release.
  4. How Can I Delete Applications?
    There’s a few ways you can achieve this:

    • Settings > Applications > Manage Applications.  There you can select an app and use the Uninstall option
    • Market > Downloads > Select the app you want to uninstall > Uninstall
    • File Managers such as FileGo and Astro have a built in application manager you can use to uninstall
    • Plenty more apps and methods which I’m sure you’ll come across in your Desire experience
  5. Will Rooting Effect My Froyo Upgrade?
    No.  Because there’s way of unrooting your phone you can always revert to stock and then get the Froyo update when it comes out.  Also remember that the dev community will no doubt release a rooted version of Froyo too, which you can install using the same recovery image you used when rooting.
  6. Can I Copy Files to My Desire via WiFi?
    Though I’ve never done this myself, I’ve heard that it’s possible to share files between computer and Desire using EStrongs File Explorer
  7. Where Should I Paste .apk Files on my Desire?
    There’s no set location.  I tend to organise all .apk files in a dedicated APKs folder on my SD card.  However, they can be kept anywhere you like
  8. Do I Need a Dedicated “Music” folder on my SD Card?
    Nope, your audio files can be anywhere on the SD card and the Music app will pick them up automatically.  If you want to prevent certain folders from being picked up have a look at this tutorial
  9. Is Rooting the Desire Safe?
    The current rooting method for the Desire is the safest yet.  There’s no risk of bricking as there used to be, and the devs have actually released a method to fix any bricking issues in case something does go wrong.  Plus it’s quite straightforward to revert your phone to an unrooted state if you want to undo the process.
  10. Will Apps From My Symbian Phone Work on the Desire?
    Unfortunately no, as they’re too completely different operating systems.  It’s like trying to play a PS3 game on a Xbox 360…