FIX: “The Application HTC Sense (process has stopped unexpectedly”

The Problem

Someone reported the other day that their phone was coming up with an error saying:

The Application HTC Sense (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please Try Again.

The only option available was Force Close, and soon as that was pressed the message would appear again.

The Cause

In this particular instance the problem was caused by the user deleting some old homescreens.  However, it can be caused by any other action related to HTC Sense.  If the HTC Launcher app detects problems it becomes stuck in this loop and makes your phone unusable by constantly springing up that error message.

The Solution

NOTE: by doing this you will lose all your custom homescreens and will have to customise them again.
These are the instructions I provided which seemed to solve the problem:

  1. Press the Search button on your phone
  2. Type in Settings and select it from the results
  3. Select Applications > Manage Applications > HTC Sense > Clear Data
  4. Press the Home button
  5. You should now see the default wallpaper and widgets
  6. Try adding a widget. Either:
    • Press the +icon in the bottom-right > Widget
    • Press Menu > Add to Home > Widget
    • Long-press an empty space on your homescreen > Widget
  7. If you find that the HTC widgets are missing from the Add Widgets list go to Settings and repeat steps 3 and 4

Final Word

This fix applies to problems caused by performing an action related to HTC Sense.  In some cases it can be caused by incompatible applications, in which case the general solution would be to go to Settings using the method described above, then Applications > Manage Applications > Select the app you think is causing the problem and uninstall it.

In the worst case scenario, you would need to backup all your data and applications (MyBackupPro is great for this) and then perform a factory reset of your phone.


This was the fix I suggested and it worked well for the user.  If anyone has experienced this problem and found an alternate solution please feel free to post in the comments or email me and I’ll get it added into this post.  Thanks!

  • usamimikamen

    it works! at first it still pops up.. then i kinda narrowed down on what widget might be causing it.. for now.. i dont have widgets from HTC..

    for those who dont want to do this.. you can use another launcher if you like.

  • EVO User

    Help! I cannot get to the home screen or apps. I am stuck in the last program/function which is the contacts screen. I cannot get to the search from here. please assist.

  • Dr. Sameer Anayat

    wow…. thanxs buddy u saved my fone…

  • Marjan

    I clicked on “Clear Data” but when I go back to home everything is still there like it used to be before and nothing has changed. It should be default one but it is not. Can anybody help me?

  • erik

    Thanks sooooooooo much man it works again

  • asiks

    I have almost same problem but clearing data of HTC sense in Application manager didn’t help. Whenever I install new apps I get pop up message “HTC Sense has stopped unexpectedely” and the only button “Force close”. Nothing helps. It doesn’t mean to be one specific application but rather installed directly from the Android market or via bluetooth through .apk file. Does anyone have any brilliant idea? Cause it becomes annoying… Thanks in advance.

  • asiks

    forget to put my data: HTC Rhyme, HTC Sense 3.5 / Android version 2.3.5

  • Gary

    This post was great help. This solution fixed my wife’s HTC problem.
    Many thanks

  • Danny

    This solved my Desire crashing !

    Occured after I tried to remove an old application

  • brucen2000

    if you clear the memory by following the instructions below it will clear up the issue
    1:With the phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then briefly press the POWER button.
    2:Wait for the screen with the 3 Android images to appear, and then release the VOLUME DOWN button.
    3:Press VOLUME DOWN to select CLEAR STORAGE, and then press POWER.
    4:When asked to confirm, press VOLUME UP.

  • Red Boss

    Thanks a lot, friend!

  • jim

    thanks tese instructions worked great

  • TravHTC

    I have HTC sensation and every time I close an app I have to wait while the loading screen comes on. I have tried all the above advice but nothing helps and it now takes ages to go between apps even look in my contacts.

  • Brendan

    How to fix htc too many pattern attempts


    It was frustrating to see my favorite Android OS was not working because of this ‘HTS sense stopped responding’. The phone used to freeze and restart. It happened innumerable times since yesterday ( and probably continued through out the night).

    I went through various forums, uninstalled antivirus, various keyboards, widgets without any luck, till I found your blog and followed those simple steps. Now my life is back to normal.


  • Alex

    I can’t even get to my settings at all or my home screen. I have the htc rhyme. The search button does NOTHING. Please help.

  • Brendan

    Hi wat apps on htc

  • HB

    I searched for directions on this for a while to troubleshoot my phone. I had the same error over and over again, literally without a break to hit a button. I kept pushing the magnifying glass/search button until finally a breakthrough! I followed the directions above and it worked. Now, I just have to get all my stuff set back up on my phone. Thank you! Saves me a frustrating call to my cell phone service provider!

  • soyer


    i have the same problem and i tried to follow the steps but it’s not accessing the “manage applications”, as soon as it enters a messages saying the application settings has stopped unexpectedly please try again later…

    Please any help.

  • soyer

    the phone is a HTC Hero…

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  • com htc launcher

    I had the problem with the process “”. Could not get in to the device and reach the settings or program settings through tapping search, back, menu or home. But I got announcements in the announcements-field for e-mail updates and could answer the phone. And I got an up-date message from Android market (Google-play) and got in to the shop and downloaded an app for managing applications (search for “manage applications” or “Hantera program”. I found the app “Hantera program genväg”. Downloaded, opened and went in and stopped and uninstalled what I thought was the problem: The weather widget. (Since the problem started when I was making changes of widgets on my screen…). And… Hallelulja!! it worked. So I did not need to make a facory reset 🙂
    The same problem is desribed here:

    /Htc Desire HD

  • Alex Baker

    i have the same problemnt let but when i start the device and unlock it wome do anything with it … i need help

  • John Fleming

    I figured out a way to access the search for settings an easier way!

    Plug the phone into the pc via usb cable. When the error pops up, close it, and drop down the menu bar, and choose to access the debugging menu. Once in the debugging menu, hit the search button, and your good to go!

  • BK

    Thank you thank you thank you. worked on my hero!

  • leandrea daniels

    i have tried all of the solutions , and neither of them are working . when i first power up my phone , the FORCE CLOSE sign pops up. when i plugged in the usb cord it did not work . also when i tried the search part , it did not work also. any suggestions ?

  • jerica anderson

    Welll I’ve tried doing what you said but it wont work I have a HTC Hero and it just won’t do anything…..

  • carrie

    Having same message but when i press search button nothing happens a green circle but it never loads any other way fix problem help please

  • jessica

    I followed the steps above and it reset my screensto brand new, but kept all of my apps and photos!!! Ver happy with this info site. Thank you!

  • sabbir

    i have some problem with my new htc phone . it dosen’t work properly;touch system is vary why i solve this problem………

  • rozie

    thank you, it worked for my wildfire s.

  • bis

    thanks alot it work for my atc aria more power to u.

  • to my haters

    which one is the search button

  • to my haters

    i have mytouch slide

  • Kuba

    Thanks a lot, it helped with my htc legend. I was desperate as my phone after restart got into this loop. I would have never guessed the combination of ‘search’ for settings and then ‘clear data’.
    Many thanks again

  • Bob

    John Fleming:

    I figured out a way to access the search for settings an easier way!
    Plug the phone into the pc via usb cable. When the error pops up, close it, and drop down the menu bar, and choose to access the debugging menu. Once in the debugging menu, hit the search button, and your good to go!
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    i tried the above, i have a HTC EVO 4G, there is no option to enter debugging menu from the drop down menu. Also since error is stuck in loop I can not use the search button either.

  • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as
    though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You clearly know what youre talking about, why
    throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could
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  • med

    thanx you

  • JD

    It worked for me. I didn’t use “search” on my MyTouch 4G, but I did clear all the data; my widgets and most of the shortcuts went away, but so did my problems with messaging.

  • Kagi Soracia

    Aha! I never use the search button, so I hadn’t tried it, but this worked! thank you so much – the hero is my spare phone now as i’ve switched to evo, but i still needed to access/backup my sms history so I didn’t want to factory reset but I couldn’t get to anything, so frustrating!

  • Alex

    I tried this, and the search menu won’t come up it just continues the loop, I also plugged my phone into my computer, and nothing shows up in the pull down menu. I have the HTC Incredible. Any suggestions?

  • Daemon Ash

    I have the HTC Desire 610 and i kept getting the error message. Thanks to you, i was able to get it working again.

  • Tommy

    So confused whenever I update the phone will bring up this HTC Sense has stopped working unexpectedly.
    It’s like the solution provided here is not for all the models because i have tried for HTC Desire 816 and it’s not working. Can somebody here give a good solution? It’s just annoying.

  • iranna

    e m hav the set of HTC desire 616 dual and when i turn on applications like whats up ,hike,ucbrowser and any other it ll sudden back to main menu what is the reason plz tell sir

  • Tomas Babka

    Thank you. Desire 820 here and it worked like a charm!

  • Asteroid

    This worked immediately on my HTC desire 610, it had actually stopped my keyboard from popping up so I couldn’t type on anything, so THANK YOU!
    Sidenote: none of my widgets or anything else disappeared.

  • Kevin Moore

    This worked for me too – instead of searching I had to go to the Settings -> App Manager -> Settings page to reset the data for Sense Home.

  • kemnator

    This worked for me on HTC M8. Thank You. 🙂

  • Vinodh

    HTC 826 and worked awesome … anyways am going to take a backup and do a reset