HOW TO: Add/Remove Contacts to the Favourites Widget

HTC Favourite Contacts Widget

When you start using your Desire you’ll notice on one of the homescreens there’s a widget called Favourites that allows you to quickly access contacts that are in your Favourites group.  If you have any other groups e.g. Friends, Family etc, you can use any of these groups instead of Favourites too.  Here’s how:

If you don’t want to use the Favourites group, or if you’ve removed the Favourites widget from your homescreen then follow these steps:

  1. Remove the widget (hold-down and drag it to the Remove area that appears at the bottom).
  2. Add it again by pressing the Add button (bottom-right) and select Widget > People > The style you prefer.
  3. When prompted select the group you want the widget to use, or create a new group

Adding Contacts

This is the easy part

  1. Press the placeholder which says Add contacts or press the + sign at the bottom of the widget
  2. Select the contact you want to add
  3. Select the action that should be performed when you select that contact from the widget

Removing Contacts

  1. In People find a person you want to add to the widget and touch their name to view details
  2. Press Menu > then select Edit
  3. Press the Groups dropdown option
  4. Uncheck them from the group that the widget is using (default is Favourites)
  5. Save the contact

Final Words

I’ve written this up as a response to a few people that emailed me about removing contacts from the widget.
If anyone else has any questions then feel free to get in touch using the details on the right (Get In Touch section in the sidebar)

HTC Favourite Contacts Widget

HTC Favourite Contacts Widget

Contact Group Management

Contact in the Friends group