HOW TO: Add/Remove Contacts to the Favourites Widget

HTC Favourite Contacts Widget

When you start using your Desire you’ll notice on one of the homescreens there’s a widget called Favourites that allows you to quickly access contacts that are in your Favourites group.  If you have any other groups e.g. Friends, Family etc, you can use any of these groups instead of Favourites too.  Here’s how:

If you don’t want to use the Favourites group, or if you’ve removed the Favourites widget from your homescreen then follow these steps:

  1. Remove the widget (hold-down and drag it to the Remove area that appears at the bottom).
  2. Add it again by pressing the Add button (bottom-right) and select Widget > People > The style you prefer.
  3. When prompted select the group you want the widget to use, or create a new group

Adding Contacts

This is the easy part

  1. Press the placeholder which says Add contacts or press the + sign at the bottom of the widget
  2. Select the contact you want to add
  3. Select the action that should be performed when you select that contact from the widget

Removing Contacts

  1. In People find a person you want to add to the widget and touch their name to view details
  2. Press Menu > then select Edit
  3. Press the Groups dropdown option
  4. Uncheck them from the group that the widget is using (default is Favourites)
  5. Save the contact

Final Words

I’ve written this up as a response to a few people that emailed me about removing contacts from the widget.
If anyone else has any questions then feel free to get in touch using the details on the right (Get In Touch section in the sidebar)

HTC Favourite Contacts Widget

HTC Favourite Contacts Widget

Contact Group Management

Contact in the Friends group

  • lucy

    When trying to remove a contact from my favourites, the above does not work. The favourite box has been unclicked. But they are still appearing in my favourite list. How can i get this to stop happening?

  • salatbar

    That’s my problem too. In my desperation I deleted the contact, but event after that it was still shown on my list of favorites however now only showing details from facebook.

  • toastie99

    People > Groups > click favourites > menu > delete group members 🙂

  • Kim

    When you go to the contact you wish to delete or change in the widget, press the menu button and choose “more”.
    You will see a widget button. Here you can choose what you want to do when you press the contact picture.

    I don’t know what the widget button in the menu is called because my phone is in a different language. When I press menu while I am in my contact list and choose “more” there are 3 more options. The last (on the bottom) is the widget choice I am refering too. I set mine to call to mobile phone instead of opening the contact.

    It works great for me!

    Hope this helps in the how to :-))

    Greetings from Holland,


  • im having problems with my htc desire where it says phone on the bottom , when i press that it only allows me to see about 9 people , on the people widget all my contacts are in their thats fine, but i cant seem to get my phone to show me all my contacts when i press phone , why is this, can anybody help me please, on the shortcuts widget those 9 people are on the person widget , i just cant seem to delete them so i can hopefully get my full list of contacts back

  • i just got my desire today…and tried to add a contact to the favorites home screen…but when i tried to delete someone from the favorite’s list…i accidentally deleted also the Add to favorite home screen widget……can someone pls tell me how to bring it back up? thanks so much

  • Thanks for this walkthrough. You made the seemingly impossible task of removing someone from a ‘favourites’ group, possible! Cheers 🙂

  • My HTC Desire from Telstra (oh how I wish you could get one from another carrier! but thats another story) comes without a favorites screen. you only get this up by going to the default HTC screen, My problem is this. the “People” widget on mine only holds one ph number per person so if i have 2 numbers for them i get 2 seperate entries 3 if i have a email addy as well. Surely there must be some app that holds all the date on each contact with only 1 tag?

  • It worked and I figured out how to set it to view contact first. then everytime I touch a contact on favorites it will now give me an option to look at the contact and then pick how I want to contact them.
    Thank you

  • Gb


    How many contacts can you add to the favourites

  • when i first set up my htc desire my fiancee had a pic of her fav Dj on her facebook page which was sync’ed to her contact details now she has put a nice pic of her on… ive tried everything possible from deletin contact, deleting facebook but i cant seem to be able to change the pic of her that shows up when i call her… oh i even tried sync my pics app it shows the new pic but when i click on it, it goes to crop her old pic…… pls pls pls someone help me thanks.. email me your answers cheers

  • i cant figure out how to delete a contact from my Desire or how to turn off the predictive text can anyone help please

  • The problem is that once a facebook contact is added to the favorite list it cant be removed from it anymore, the only way i was able to solve this problem was to remove my facebook contact and take all the facebook contacts off my phone by doing that, after that i added my facebook account again, synced all the contacts and didnt favorited any facebook contacts i didnt wanted to show up in that list, i know its a hard and annoying way, but so far its the only solution i found.

  • martyn:
    Log out of the Facebook app.
    Go to settings>applications>manage applications, Select the Facebook app and press “Clear Data”
    All of the Facebook profile pictures should be gone. Then just log in again and it should bring up all of the correct pictures. If not you might have to re-link them all.

  • Right, i cant seem to add people to my favorites?? Whenever i type in a name it says no match found….when i no there is…? Anyone no how to sort that out?? lol

  • I have exactly the same problem as above with my htc desire. Can’t add a contact to the favourites list as it just says no match found. Would love some help!

  • i have the “no match” / “no contacts” problem mentioned in the above two posts, as well D:! help please?

  • Hi, look at this link for help. I just did it and it worked for me. Bit of a faff as you have to press people, then menu, then import/export and tick the ones you want to import from SIM card to a googlemail account. Once I did that I could see all the contacts I’d just imported in the favourites widget. Hope it works for you!

  • taf

    And how do you delete a group ?

  • ken

    Would this be the same procedure for HTC evo??

  • Craig Ford

    how do I get facebook to add my phones make when I comment?

  • Lorraine

    I have had the same problem with my favourites list. Basically a contact is not listed as favourites …. but it still pops up on the favourites widget anyway.

    Here’s how to remove it…
    1 Go on the favourites widget
    2 at the bottom there are 2 icons … GROUP / +
    3 press Groups
    4 press MENU and edit group
    5 tick left side box of contact you wish to remove
    6 Save

    ….. and voila you’re done 🙂

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