HOW TO: Prevent Music and Image Folders Appearing in Music/Photos Apps

When you open the Photos app you may notice that some pictures from other folders on your SD Card are shown as albums.  Likewise with the Music app, where you’ll find audio files that aren’t neccessarily music (game sounds and so on) appearing in the application.  Here’s how to prevent folders you specify from appearing within those apps:

NOTE: Steps 1 – 6 look long, but it’s basically downloading a tiny zip file and extracting on your computer somewhere.

  1. Download the nomedia file from here
  2. On your computer make a folder called nomedia somewhere.
  3. Copy the file from step 1 into your nomedia folder
  4. Extract the file.
    • Windows: Right-click > Extract All -> Follow the prompts
    • Mac: Double click
    • Linux: Right-click -> Extract Here
  5. You should see a new file called .nomedia in the same folder, or in a subfolder called nomedia
  6. If you see the .nomedia file skip this step.
    If you don’t see the file you’ll need to make sure you can view hidden files using the instructions below:

    • Windows – in My Computer, select Tools from the top menu (if you can’t see the top menu press ALT on your keyboard) -> Folder Options -> View tab -> Hidden Files and Folders -> select Show hidden files and folders
    • Mac – use the Hidden Files Dashboard Widget
    • Linux – in File Browser go on View -> Show Hidden Files (tested in Ubuntu)
  7. Connect your Desire in Disk Drive mode
  8. Copy the .nomedia file
  9. For any folders you dont want displayed in the Music and Photos applications, paste the .nomedia file in the folder
  10. The no media file works recursively – meaning that you don’t have to put it in all the subfolders too. Just put it in the top-folder and any subfolders will automatically be excluded.

Obviously to make it work for any new folders you add, you just need steps 7-9.
A more elegant solution would be an app that adds/removes the file for you in any folders you tell it to.  For now though, this is the only solution that I’m aware of.

If you run into any problems, or find a better method please feel free to share!