HOW TO: Transfer Contacts from a Nokia Phone to HTC Desire

Note: This may work with other Nokia phones too depending on the version of Symbian OS that they use.Β  This method is so easy it’s quite unbelievable.

Here’s what you do:

  1. On your Nokia go to Contacts
  2. Go on Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark All
  3. Go on Options > Copy > To Memory Card
  4. Connect your phone to PC
  5. Browse to /Other/Contacts/ on your phone’s memory card
  6. Copy all the .vcf files to your PC
  7. Connect your Desire to PC and mount as USB
  8. Copy all the .vcfs to the SDCard (make a directory for neatness if you like)
  9. Open the People app on the Desire
  10. Press the Menu button and select Import/Export
  11. Select the Import from SDCard option
  12. Select the Import All vCard files option
  13. Ta-da!

All your contacts will now be on your Desire using really simple steps.
NOTE: This has been tested on an N95 and should work on other phones too.Β  It even worked on a Sony Ericsson K750i!

Credits to Teh Lemur for the original post

UPDATE 1: 15 April 2010 – 15:22: Updated the instructions on what to do on your Nokia

  • THANKS .
    I DID IT !

  • thank you so much it was really very helpful…!

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  • mad

    THANK YOU. saved tons of time. ;.)

  • hey..regarding the above instructions ..i cant transfere my contacts to the sd card on my nokia

  • Thanks a lot this is not only for the HTC desire but it also worked on the Incredible S…
    Thanks a ton it saved a me a lot of time and trouble… πŸ˜€

  • After a while we ended up getting this working.

    There was no option to export the contacts, only to ‘save a backup’.

    The backup file extension can be changed to .zip, then you can browse through it to locate the VCF contact files.

    Those files are then able to be imported into the droid.

    One other issue was that we found that a few contacts were missing. Ended up having to remove all items from phone, clear google contacts cache(we imported them into google contacts, then let it re-import from Google.

    After all that, it seems to work fine.

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  • Simon

    There is an equally simple way, using MOBILedit.

    MOBILedit! software is capable of migrating data between various phones. It allows you to connect phones to PC and manage its content.

    How to copy data from one phone to another:

    1) Download and install MOBILedit! ( and also the mobile phones cable drivers pack (also there).
    2) Plug both phones to your computer and let the drivers to be installed automatically (you can use cable, BlueTooth or infraport).
    3) Open MOBILedit! and run the Connection Wizard. Both phones will be found and connected immediatelly, if everything goes well.
    4) Go to Phone Copier plugin and set it up so the source phone is displayed on the left side and the destination phone on the right.
    5) Choose contacts and other content to be copied.
    6) Hit the big Copy button and voila!

  • Farshad

    Thank you so much…

    Brilliant idea πŸ™‚

  • nick

    this is great but can’t you use bluetooth?

  • Simon


    this is great but can’t you use bluetooth?
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    You can, using MOBILedit. That’s the magic – you can do there whatewer you want, no need to follow any exact step-by-step guide.

    Still thanks to Teh Lemur for the tutorial. Much appreciated.

  • You can also try which presents hundreds of combinations phone models and you have screen shot guides for each of them or just go to which support more than 1100 mobile device to synchronize your contacts over the air.

  • Jr

    That’s one way, or simply do:

    1. Make sure your Nokia and HTC (android) phone an see each other using bluetooth
    2. On your Nokia go to Contacts
    4. Go on Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark All
    5. Go on Options > Send > Bluetooth
    6. On your HTC phone accept the incoming transfer request
    7. Open the People app on the Desire
    8. Press the Menu button and select Import/Export
    9. Select the Import from SDCard option
    10. Select the Import All vCard files option
    11. Ta-da!

  • shasi

    thank u very much,but there is some problem, that all numbers are not copying to e:memory (phone model is x6 nokia )Only 15 number are been copyed at onces can any one help me to solve my problem that all number can copy at once.*i am selecting all number by mark All option*

  • Denver

    M new to Android. Where is the people app on HTC Desire?

  • hypn0tic

    thanx mate, U just saved my 1500 contacts…

  • i want to copy htc contacts to nokia. plz any one help me out.

  • hurkos

    Actually there is a built-in tool for contact transfer via BT on Desire S

  • Hasan

    The easiest, no time consuming at all and the most effective method I could find is to sync your Nokia contacts with google and get them on your android phone. Most Nokia s60 phones have an application named “mail for exchange” is pre installed or can be installed from Nokia store for free. To setup a google account in mail for exchange follow instructions on

    While setting up, only select contacts to be synced and select “no” for everything else if your only goal is to transfer contacts. When setup is complete, in “mail for exchange” app opened, select “options” and select “synchronize”. All your contacts will be on google in seconds. Later, just sync your android phone with your google account and all your contacts are there.

    Keep in mind to be patient. “Mail for exchange” pauses for a moment after every 50 contacts have transferred. This is the most helpful method I could find after a whole night’s research and it really worked for me.

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    Thanks a lot… πŸ™‚

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    thanks, very neat!

    i even skipped the copy to PC stage and copied from one phone memory to the other :o)

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    Thanks pal you solved my problem

  • Ali

    how, do i transfer the contacts, sms and calender from HTC wildfire S to HTC desire,
    The wildfire s has the transfer data tool but the desire does not….
    please help me guys

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  • thej

    thanks and useful

  • Hadi Imran

    there no such option of import from sd card πŸ™
    it shows only import from sim /export to sim
    please help

  • Hamid

    Worked for with Desire One X… Thanks

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  • Hositany

    4 other ways to transfer contacts from Nokia Symbian phones to Android phones and tablets are available:
    How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android Phone or Tablet
    Also, 2 ways to transfer contacts from Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone) to Android are also introduced in the guide.

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  • Tennor123

    Just google phone transfer tool, which support to share data among iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry