HOW TO: Using QR Codes

Ever wondered what one of these is:

Well this is actually what is known as a QR Code or a 2D barcode.  It’s a barcode which can contain a piece of information such as a weblink, chunk of text or even a business card.
On Android it’s commonly used to let you download apps, or visit websites that you’re viewing on your computer to your Android phone.

To use one is really easy, just go to the Market and search for “Barcode Scanner”.  It’s a free app.  Download and install.  Then, whenever you see this code of you can run the app, scan the code and see what information the barcode has.  If it’s an app, it will take you to the Market entry for that app or if it’s a weblink it’ll open in the browser and if it’s a piece of text then it’ll be displayed onscreen for you to read.

QR Codes are generally featured on app websites the likes of AndroLib or even single app websites like Replica Island

You’ll find them becoming popular on commercial products too.  For example I recently bought a can of Pepsi which had one of these codes on.  Scanning it took me to a webpage with a Pepsi competition on!

To test it out just try scanning the code above with your phone!