Getting Started with Kickstarter

Getting started with, a crowd funding website; requires understanding some basic principles. As we begin this series of blog posts on crowd sourcing funds for your business, product or service, it is necessary to give an overview of this popular source of investment capital. There are few who could, with integrity anyway, deny crowdfunding represents one of the most titanic shifts in business funding since Angel investment became main stream. Until recently, a few wealthy individuals largely controlled the flow of investment and decided who received it and who didn’t. Crowdfunding has not only blown this ‘good ole boy’ network out of the water but has allowed market access to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses which otherwise wouldn’t have it.

Venture capitalists, Angel investors as well as the ever present banksters, were the gatekeepers and selected who succeeded and who languished in obscurity. When thinking back on how much innovation was stifled by the old saying “it’s not what you know but who”, we shudder to think how different the world would be had crowd sourcing been available to previous generations! As PCs and laptops brought information access to the masses, so too does crowd sourcing put funding at the fingertips of the ambitious among us. Although it remains a financial tool in transition, those who understand the true power of this instrument are surely rejoicing at the democratization of investment. The crowd is touted as a new innovation but truthfully, it is far from ‘hot off the presses’. There is an elite class which has used this tool for years, though calling it something quite different; political candidates. All politics and feelings of current President of the United States aside (Barack Obama), his 2008 presidential bid can accurately be called the most successful crowdfunding campaign in history. Millions gave amounts as small as $1 and when the 2008 presidential campaign was over and he elected, more than $850 million had been donated.

The principle of crowd sourcing funds is this; individual, smaller investors, contribute minute amounts of money to a business, campaign or cause. The many, collectively, make up a larger amount of investment which is then received by the campaign’s creator and used to execute planned objectives. Speaking from personal experience and having pounded the pavement to meet with larger investment groups, I believed our watch company, located at, would never see the light of day. For those having experienced the many more ‘downs’ than ‘ups’ with raising investment capital using more traditional approaches, you’ll understand when I say there are times when one feels like throwing their hands up and asking “is this idea really worth it”?

Of course, the answer is and has always been an unequivocal YES! Your idea, business or cause is much too important to leave in the hands of an elite few which, more often than not, over-promise and under deliver or worse; under-deliver and try and take over your business while treating you like an employee.

More than anything, crowdfunding gives the resources to bring great (not to mention profitable) business ideas to market and much more quickly than has been true in times past. But why is it so critically important? Many technical and complicated reasons could be offered but the crowd provides necessary investment without tons of strings attached allowing you to scale your business when and how you desire. Whether a project requires a few thousand dollars all the way up to $10 million or more, crowd sourcing platforms, of which Kickstarter is one, provides what is most important; platform and access. Let me be clear on one point which other writers seem not to understand; while we’d agree the crowd is a great testing place for market viability of an idea or cause, it should not be used as the entire measure. Too many entrepreneurs who’ve conducted campaigns and having been unsuccessful on the first attempt, get discouraged into believing because crowds didn’t buy-in, their idea is not worth pursuing. Nothing is further from true!

Unsuccessful campaigns can result from many things, a few of which are;

Idea, business, cause or project wasn’t presented correctly

The wrong platform (website) was chosen. Even if your first campaign is unsuccessful on Kickstarter, that never means it won’t be successful on other platforms such as

The right incentives (will be discussed in a future article) weren’t offered to contributors (the general public)

Not enough research was conducted

Length of campaign was either to short or long

More could be added but under no circumstances should lack of results, especially for the inexperienced, be taken as lack of market interest. Next, it also provides direct contact to shoppers and future customers of your business or cause. Those who contribute are, for all intents and purposes, future clients and customers and even better, can pass your sales plea along to their social network which may begin a virtually cost-free viral marketing campaign!

So what is most important when beginning the planning process? Your entire campaign should be based on a strong value proposition. One plague successful entrepreneurs suffer from more than the general public is the belief just because they are 100% bought in to the best business idea, others will be also. While sometimes true, it isn’t always. Getting buy-in, even for not so great crowd-funding ideas, is often about how it is presented. To begin, go to Kickstarter or other crowdfunding websites and examine top campaigns (by dollars raised). Pick several and answer this question; what makes them so compelling and more importantly, would you donate? Is the pitch so compelling you would pass it along to other social networks? The best value propositions are those you would give your hard earned money to and these should be, if not the idea, copied to maximize effectiveness.

Getting started with research should begin now so what are you waiting for?

Microsoft’s Tablet OS

Microsoft has insisted on sticking with the historic Windows as the OS for its tablets, something that its CEO Steve Ballmer had pronounced with finality during his speech at CES. Now analysts, and plenty of people that sadly includes Microsoft employees, might be thinking that he is finally also running the company to the ground. Many outside the company known that a desktop OS is not what should be running a tablet.

The coming Windows 8 is the first tablet-oriented version of the Microsoft operating system family, pitting it against the giants Google and Apple. CEO Steve Ballmer himself admits that it is a risk, but still apparently believes so much in Windows to keep using it in every company exploit, an OS whose golden era many consider to be far gone. Despite touting support for ARM processors, which in turn provides sleeker tablet profiles and greatly improves battery life, many are still skeptical about Ballmer’s decision, likening it to someone who keeps using the same solution to a problem but expecting different results each time.

What many analysts agree on is that Windows is extremely resource and power hungry and expensive to the point of being out of any competitive price-range, the opposite of what any tablet is supposed to be. What Windows has done to the netbook market, pushing out Linux to replace it with their more expensive and bulky features that has destroyed any further consumer interest in netbooks, is what these experts are banking on for manufacturers to look back to so as not to fall for the same trap twice. The netbook experience with Windows 7 has not been good for that market and has almost completed killed it.

Ballmer has been criticized over the years for lacking vision and within whose term has lost major markets to Apple and Google, even waving away any consideration for potential within Microsoft’s ranks to rise above his beloved Windows. An OS named Courier was developed in 2009 by a Microsoft team as a lighter OS that does not use Windows code but has similar features and was liked by many outside the company, was shot down by Ballmer himself.

Currently, the CEO’s approval rating within the company is steadily declining, and his plans for a 2018 retirement might be sooner than expected, as even the company board is beginning to lose its patience with him. The departure of Ray Ozzie last year, where he talked about moving away from the desktop as the focus of the company, apparently has not taught the CEO the value of changing from the past.

Windows 8 is due for public beta-testing by the end of this year, pending a full version launch in 2012.


Track Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Sorry to damage your bubble, however none of those jobs. It’s currently simpler than ever before to locate an individual on Facebook, through different resources and also directory sites by merely making use of one’s name, whether for a job or individual factors. However, this does not function unless the cellular phone has a chip set up on it. The Internet is swamped with blog sites as well as YouTube video clips that assert to have a particular variety of solutions or functioning approaches to aid you open this function. Users running an organization web page might additionally intend to comprehend the variety of individuals seeing them. Orkut formally made this function readily available to its individuals. Unfortunately, Instagram stalker is rigorous when it concerns their customer plans, and also does not provide any type of such attribute currently. Whatever the factor, we’re presuming that you as well want to see that saw your Facebook account given that you discovered this web page. Alternatively, individuals might want to learn that inspected them out simply out of inquisitiveness or to obtain an approximate action of their appeal online provided the raising propensities people to look for recognition.

At this moment, Facebook will certainly not enable any type of solution or code on any person’s account that breaks the personal privacy of Facebook participants – which consists of the personal privacy individuals feel qualified to when they watch your account. 7. Facebook will certainly currently present the account web page of that specific customer. Who is examining your account and interested in you? Perhaps among one of the most frequently asked inquiries regarding Facebook is just how to examine that saw your account, and also naturally so. You might additionally select to report them to Facebook also. Overall the video camera carries out remarkably well at this cost array. Instead, message the individual back as well as pleasantly doubt they’re authentic. Once your collector mobile application approves individual information from the individual, it becomes your duty to protect the very same.


While no mobile application matches the energy of Google Docs on a desktop computer or laptop computer, this main variation for Android is quite close. Samsung Apps is an enhancing choice of applications specially made for the TV, linking you for your favored electronic details like movies, sporting activities tasks, on-line video games, social networking, and also substantially a lot more. Real guys understand these pointers on just how to make on your own a lot more eye-catching to ladies; comprehend these suggestions very closely, which remarkable lady that captured your focus could be your future partner. But extra on this in the direction of completion of this post. There is NO method to recognize that you watched your Instagram stalker Profile. However, we do have something that’s most likely the closest to learning that saw your account. Learning that has been watching your account after that ends up being a demand. Is It Possible to Check Your Facebook Profile Visitors Officially? So unless you understand a cyberpunk or are a CIA representative on your own, you can not see your account site visitors.

Cell phone spying with amazing features

A major reason of popularity of spying software is mentioned as various excellent features and specifications are accessible for the users of this mobile application. For example, users of spying application can observe the calling and messaging data with all aspects. In the same way, customers can also monitor the location of mobile user and usage of web application in the mobile phone. This usage can be examined with accuracy of time and area that is adequate and suitable information to bring satisfaction and contentment in social and commercial way of life. These all features are presented with the facility of control panel that is categorized in some groups according to features of mobile phones.

Acquiring of cell phone spying:

With this categorization, customers can find the required data rapidly without any difficulty and complexity. This control panel is offered in some specific mobile models like symbian, android, Black Barry and iphone. With this live control panel facility, customers can manage their pone applications without any limitation of place and era in the social order. Live control panel is offered in return of various charges that are adjusted with consideration of mobile operating devices. Consequently, any person can buy live control panel in spy software for direct monitoring of cell phone with paying $39.97 fee that is fixed for one year usage. In the same way, scrutinizing of web applications via spy software can be performed in specific phone models that are differentiated with consideration of mobile operating devices.

Modern phone devices and cell phone spying:

So, those people which are using android and iphone can use the web monitoring facility with obligation of common and specific directions and guidelines. In other side, those people which are not these high featured phones can only perform the monitoring of calls and messaging programs according to needs and requirements of people in the social order. As the result of this situation, it can be stated that cell phone spying is a useful facility for making the life trouble free. With this facility, all kinds of information can be saved and used at the time of need without any intricacy. So, customers should use this software and they can buy this software easily due to concern of latest resources in this matter. Accordingly, customers should follow the guidelines strictly in the usage of cell phone spying for acquiring of excellent consequences.

Top 10 Business Apps For Blackberry PlaybookTech, Mobiles and Gadgets

Blackberry Playbook is the latest edition in the world of Blackberry phone devices and it is the first tablet launched by RIM. The Playbook is specifically designed and developed to cater the business needs of Blackberry Smartphone users. Having a light weight of just 425g and 1 GHz of dual core processor, the Blackberry Playbook is featured with a 3-mega pixel front camera and 5-mega pixel rear camera that provides a high definition to your video calls.

Moreover, its 16 GB memory, web browser flash support and 8 hours battery life makes this new Playbook a stunning addition to the business arsenal of most of the businessmen worldwide.

With the development of this advanced Blackberry Playbook, several business apps have also been developed to by Blackberry portal. However, there is not a vast selection of Playbook business applications but herewith I have documented to you the best 10 Blackberry Playbook business apps that will prove to be essential for your business kit.

1. Documents To Go Premium

This app is wonderful if you want to work with your business files and data in the format of MS Office. With this Documents To Go Premium app, you can read or make or edit your all files of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint and can also see PDF. It also has the feature of bi-directional desktop synchronization that enables you to update the new version of any document automatically.

2. Adobe Connect Mobile

As mentioned earlier that Playbook has 3-mp front facing camera and 5 mp rear camera but it is the Adobe Connect Mobile app that enables you to work with both of the cameras while using video conferencing. This app is available with 24*7 support via monthly subscription and is the best method to deal with your colleagues and clients with blackberry.

3. iSpeech Translator

If you are in a business that requires you to deal with International clients and you are not very fluent in speaking many of foreign languages; iSpeech Translator is the right app to grow your business. This free application features speech recognition and also translates text to various supported foreign languages. Isn’t it wonderful!

4. Business Card Reader

It is a wonderful application to organize all your business contacts in your Playbook. You just have to take a photo of the required card and its ABBYYS text technology will automatically read it and set up the new contact in your Smartphone with correct phone numbers and email addresses.

5. Currency Exchange Rates

While dealing business with foreign clients, it is quite essential that you understand all the foreign currencies accurately and put the figures correctly. So here is the free Playbook app that converts 70 different kinds of currencies across the world and helps you stay update with the world’s business market.

6. Poynt

This app is highly beneficial to you if you are in an unknown city. Point gives you a route map of everything you want to look for and thus saves you time and energy.

7. IdeaPad

This app is for those people who want to note down their ideas during meetings. With the help of its in-built templates, IdeaPad will help you take written notes or make diagrams and to draw mobile user interface concepts.

8. Fortune Magazine

This is a quite useful app for business people that is laced with latest business news and updates such as love market news, stock quotes and other useful data. Thus it helps you to get important information about specific companies across the world while you are on the go.

9. Easy Agenda

This app is really useful for business persons as it keeps a full track of all your meetings or conferences with exact date and time and thus you can check all your scheduled programs with a glance.

10. Time Traveler

If your business required you to travel around different parts of the world, then the different time zones of different places is a thing that can certainly put you in trouble. But Time Traveler is an useful app that will always keep you on time according to the time zone ball.


Angry Birds Is Finally Out, For Free

This morning Rovio announced the news that the full version their long awaited Android game is finally available; and on top of that they also announced that the game is completely free of charge (but contains adverts).

Anyone running a rooted phone with adblock enabled obviously won’t even get the ads, but if you want to support Rovio then you will be able to buy an ad-free version in the near future.
Rumour has it that the ad-free version will be released on the Android Market after they’ve pushed 10,000 free copies (I’d be surprised if that number isn’t already reached) but only time will tell.


They’ve currently submitted the free version to the Android Market, so it will be available on there within 24 hours.  In the meantime, they’ve also published a copy of it on GetJar but unfortunately their servers are currently down due to the overwhelming demand of this game!

Just to make things easier for readers, I’ve uploaded the game and you can download it from here

UPDATE: It’s now in the Android Market, here’s the QR code (click it if you’re browsing on your phone):

GAME REVIEW: JellyBalls by HyperBees


The folks at Hyperbees were kind enough to send me their new Android title, JellyBalls.  It’s a take on the popular colour-matching genre, with some added extras to make it stand out from the rest.  I’d guess you’re all familiar with this type of game so instead of going on about what you’re supposed to do, I’ll highlight how it differs from its competition:

  • Design – sometimes I’ve found Android games have excellent gameplay, but they look horrendous or sometimes the in-game grahpics are well done but the menu system is a mess.  JellyBeans has it just right, they’ve thought through all the design aspects and made a game where the design is consistent (though nothing spectacular I’ll admit) from start to finish.  The animations are great, and the balls actually bounce when on the screen like jelly beans.
  • Gameplay – there’s plenty of game modes to choose from.  I prefer the “Get them all” mode which has an element of puzzle/logic built in, it makes me think and often plan out the moves in advance to make sure I achieve the desired goal.  For normal mode I’ve never really understood if there is a trick to it, and instead tend to click at random and hope for a fluke.  The gameplay is smooth, the levels get gradually more difficult and I’ve found myself playing this game throughout the week during my commute even if it’s only for a 4 minute local train.
  • Social Features – it’s becoming the norm for games to include some form of socialising method within the game.  JellyBeans uses ScoreLoop to allow you to submit your scores to the leaderboards and view your score ranked against others (including global, country, friends and scores submitted in the last 24 hours)
  • Pricing – at 99cents (60-70p?) is a fair price for the game.  It seems to be a standard price for Android apps/games and this is the kind of game that’ll keep you occupied during those little moments of time that just aren’t long enough to get anything useful done in

The Bad

  • no save games – the main thing lacking from JellyBeans is the ability to continue a game after you quit.  Ideally I’d want to start a game, stop for whatever reason and then carry one where I left off.  From the level of updates to other games HyperBees have published I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one released for this game enabling game saves in the near future.

The Verdict


It’s a top game and probably the only one of it’s genre that I’d even consider playing thanks to it’s puzzle game mode.  It’s professionally designed, developed and published at an affordable price.  It’s an addictive little gem which has already proven to be very useful for a bit of a time waste.

Market Description:
JellyBalls is an eye-pleasing casual game where you pop same colour balls.
Enjoy multiple game modes and hours of gameplay. Compete with friends through global leaderboard. Includes 5 arcade and logical modes.
The classic favourite takes on a whole new dimension.
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

GAME: Fruit Ninja Out For Android!

It’s not very often I post about individual apps or games, but this is a rare occurance on account of one of my favourite iOS games finally being released for Android.  It’s called Fruit Ninja it’s just massive a frenzy of fruit slicing action.  There’s no demo on the Market. but it’s worth trying at only $0.99 (60-70p?) – don’t hold it against me if you don’t like it!

Download (click the code if you’re reading on your phone)





Application Recommendations: August 2010

This is the first of a new series I’ll be writing which aims to introduce apps to MyHTCDesire readers. The apps will vary including new apps, useful apps and other apps that I feel deserve a mention. If you do discover any apps that you want me to include in the next article just get in touch using the contact details on the right!

If you’re using ChromeToPhone or FoxToPhone you can click any of the QR Codes to send the link to your phone, which opens up in the Market.


1. Springpad

Springpad makes it easy to save notes, products and places you want to remember

Author: Spring Partners, Inc.
Price: Free

My Review

Springpad let’s you keep track of pretty much everything! Whether it’s a movie you want to watch, a task you need to complete or even a shopping list, SpringPad manages everything with a great looking interface too. It keeps everything sync-ed with the springpad website, although you might want to make sure that any personal items are marked as private in the settings section of their website.

Market Description:
v. 1.0.12
* Adds support for Android 1.6 devices

Springpad saves the things you want to remember. Notes, tasks, lists, wines, recipes and more. Scan barcodes, take photos, search nearby places. Automatically organizes and enhances what you save with useful links. Syncs with for universal access.
Screenshots (click to enlarge)



2. psx4droid (PSX Emulator)

psx4droid is the famous PSX emulator for Android 2.x devices! Fast and featured!

Author: ZodTTD
Price: $5.99

My Review

This emulator lets you play SonyPlaystation games on your Android phone. When I orignally tried it with Crash Bandicoot 3 it was very slow, but I’ve since upgraded to the latest version and changed the framerate to 30fps and it seems to run a lot better – though it can lag at times. If you find your favourite games aren’t working then you might want to get a refund for now, but keep track of this app as I can only see it getting better!

Market Description:
psx4droid, the Sony Playstation (PSX/PS1) emulator for high-end Androids.

Fast and feature packed including:
– Uses formats BIN,ISO,IMG,PBP,Z,ZNX, and Eboot (compressed too)
– WiiMote controller works
– Trackball dpad
– Memory card & save states.
– Virtual control overlays
– Scaling modes
– more!

ZodTTD and yongzh
Screenshots (click to enlarge)


3. Kindle for Android

Kindle books on your phone including thousands of free books. No Kindle required

Author: Amazon Mobile
Price: Free

My Review

This is an app that I couldn’t live without. I use it everyday during the commute to Manchester and it has a massive collection including most of my favourite books. I’ve not yet found the Riddle Master of Hed on it, but I hope it’s only a matter of time until it arrives. I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant to switch to ebooks instead of physical books, but after reading through the first two I’ve gotten used to it and not looked back. I could go on about the advantages of ebooks, but this review’s about the app so I’ll stop here.

Market Description:
Read more than 630,000* Kindle books on your Android phone including thousands of free books. No Kindle required. Auto synchronizes your last page read between devices with Amazon Whispersync. Adjust the text size, color mode, and brightness.

1.0.3:Enables UK store

*If you are a non-US customer, book availability may vary
Screenshots (click to enlarge)



4. K-9 Mail

K-9 is the best email client for Android. It’s incredibly powerful and 100% free

Author: K-9 Dog Walkers
Price: Free

My Review

While the HTC Mail application is fantastic and I’m sure that a lot of people are happy with it, I needed an alternate mail so I could switch between custom ROMs (Sense-based and Sense-less) without the worry of having to setup all my mail accounts again (which there’s over 10 of). I can easily backup everything in K9 Mail and restore it in any ROM regardless of whether it has HTC Mail or not.
If you’re not happy with HTC Mail then this is definitely the next best thing.

Market Description:
New in 3.0: Copy & Paste, PGP support w/APG, Launcher shortcuts, Display of Emoji, Archive & Spam Buttons – More at:

K-9 Mail is an open-source e-mail client with search, push mail, multi-folder sync, flagging and refiling, signatures, bcc-self, configurable alerts and more! # K9 Mail
Screenshots (click to enlarge)



5. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds the best of the web, just for you

Author: StumbleUpon.
Price: Free

My Review

If you’re ever looking for websites containing content you’re interested in, or if you’re just looking to browse the Internet aimlessly then StumbleUpon is for you. It presents you with recommended content based on your preferences, and it learns from your habits to make sure it’s only giving you relevant results.

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds the best of the web, recommended just for you. Every time you click Stumble!, we’ll show you sites that have been selected based on your preferences and recommendations from millions of users who share your interests. So you see more of what you want and less of what you don’t.
Screenshots (click to enlarge)



6. Tumblr

Tumblr for Android. The easiest way to blog.

Author: Tumblr
Price: Free

My Review

If you’re on Tumblr then this app is perfect for you. I don’t use it myself (don’t have a Tumblr blog) but I’ve seen a friend using it to post up photos and videos taken with her phone to her blog. It has a really clean and simple interface and you can very easily create new posts for your blog.

Market Description:
Tumblr for Android. The easiest way to blog.


• Post to Tumblr. Support for Text, Photo, Link, Chat, Quote, Audio and Video. Set advanced post options and edit, too.
• Built-in Dashboard. View, like and reblog posts.
• View your blogs. See your posts, drafts and queue.
• Landscape support.
• Share menu support.
Screenshots (click to enlarge)


Laputa Book Reader

7. Laputa Book Reader

New Version: v3.0.3
Restart your device if the icon cannot be linked to your Laputa!
Bug Fixed!

Author: Laputa Team
Price: Free

My Review

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Kindle, then this is the closest thing. Although the catalog isn’t as big as Kindles, Laputa still has a huge collection of books where are all free to download. I actually started off with this before Kindle, and only switched after a few months when I’d read all the books I wanted to.

Market Description:
New Version: v3.0.3
Restart your device if the icon cannot be linked to your Laputa!
Bug Fixed!

Just the ibooks on Android

Improved points:
+ User Reading Experience
+ Flip Effect
+ More stable

New features:
+ Font Face
+ Gutenberg Project Supported
+ Manybook Supported
+ Full screen setting

Q? Mail us!
Screenshots (click to enlarge)



8. Searchify

Perform translation, calculation, unit conversion and more from the search box.

Author: Oliver Lan
Price: Free

My Review

Though it’s not one I use on a daily basis, this app definitely has some novelty value. It uses voice input for you to tell it what you want to convert, then it quickly interpretates and converts your input into the relevant output, be that unit conversion, calculation or language translation.

Market Description:
Searchify lets you perform translation, calculation, unit conversion, wikipedia search, calendar entry, calendar search and more just by typing into the quick search box or search widget.

Make sure you enable the app in your phone settings!

1.1.4: for Froyo, made keywords case-insensitive

Try my new app: Touch Calendar!
Screenshots (click to enlarge)


Introducing Google Voice Actions (the new Voice Search)

Yesterday Google announced a new and improved version of the Voice Search application which is known being referred to as Google Voice Actions.  As the new name suggests, it doesn’t only allow voice searching, but lets you perform lots of other actions with your phone too including:

  • listen to music title/artist/album
  • note to self note
  • send text to recipient
  • send email to recipient
  • call recipient
  • navigate to location
  • directions to location
  • map of location
  • go to website URL

You can start using this straight away as the application should now be on the Android Market when you search for “Voice Search”.  Here’s a QR code to help you out.

Direct link for mobile readers

Search Widget

To accompany this new app, Google have also launched a new Search Widget which you can also download right now from the Android Market:

Direct link for mobile readers

Bear in mind that you will need Froyo to be able to run this new app.  Enjoy!

According to Google this is the start of small updates to the Android OS coming via the Market.