Avoid T-Mobile Deals For Now!!!

I know a lot of people got their HTC Desire when it was first announced on T-Mobile on the excellent plan that they were offering.  The original deal was: 100 minutes/unlimited text/unlimited internet for £10/month on a 24 month contract plus £164 for the phone (or -£124 if you rang up and asked them to discount the handset for you).

Considering that T-Mobile did exceptionally well with that, and other offerings of the Desire.  They sold far more than 10,000 Desires in just the first week of it’s launch.  It seems that they are now looking to take advantage of this superb phone (and it’s buyers) and recoup the potential profit they missed out on at launch by altering their deals significantly and ripping off newer customers.  They’ve removed all the £10 offers, with rumour saying that their lowest plan on the Desire will now be £30/month, although I suspect it’s actually £25/month based on the deal image below.

I’d seriously recommend staying clear of their deals, the cheapest of which totals to £980!!!! Compared to the original £400 – fair enough the £10 deal only had 100 minutes, but it’s not worth £25 extra a month for 500 more minutes is it?

Either look at deals on other networks, try out third party retailers or even consider buying it on PAYG/Sim Free and then buying a Sim-Only deal.  Quidco regularly offer up to £150 cashback on O2/Vodafone sim only offers so that might actually work out better for you.

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Thanks to ScRiVs for the heads-up!

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