Car Chargers – Reader Recommendations

This morning I asked people on Twitter to recommend me a car charger for my Desire and within minutes I received plenty of responses.  Here’s a summary of those recommendations from the MiHTCDesire Twitter followers (tried to include postage wherever possible):

  1. Official HTC Desire Car Charger (Jen Catter and 3 others)
    Price:  £11
    Link: Amazon UK
  2. Tesco USB Car Charger (SuperRon08)
    Price: Unknown
  3. Staples 4-in-1 USB Charger plus Cigarette Lighter (FarHanSolo)
    Price: £9.99
    Link: In-store only
  4. Cigarette Lighter to USB Adapter/Charger (salleq)
    Price: £1.80 (can take a few weeks for delivery)
    Link: Deal Extreme
  5. MicroUSB Car Charger (adewilt)
    Price: £4
    Link: eBay
  6. Monkey Motor Kit (ratcatchervw)
    Price: £15.49
    Link: Memory Card Zoo

For Netherland readers, I was recommended the website by reinerzijl although he didn’t specify a certain product.

Quite a few people suggested the Official HTC charger and so I was pretty tempted to go for one but the one on eBay for £4 sounded like a steal so I went for that instead.  I’ll switch to the official one if there’s any problems with it.

I’ll try to get more details from superron08 for the Tesco charger and update this post when I do.

Thanks to everyone for the replies :)

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