Choosing the Best AirSoft Gun (and Sidearm)

Airsoft weapons and side arms are the most crucial thing when it comes to a firefight. Of course tactical positioning and strategy come into play, but everyone needs a gun that can deliver when the time comes. And choosing an Airsoft weapon can be kind of hard, especially with all the different kinds of rifles, shotguns, ARs, and semi-automatics to choose from. So what we’ve decided to do here is simple. We want to provide a guide on choosing the perfect weapon for you. Let’s get started!


When getting into the sport of Airsoft it can be rather difficult deciding on what gun to purchase – especially if you’ve never shot one before. Things like play style and ability come into the picture. Are you a hardcore, relentless, loose trigger kind of guy? Or are you more of a conservative, shoot-to-kill player who lays back and picks off his targets? Depending on what kind of player you are, this will help you decide on what type of gun to get in relevance to your play style. Let’s go over some roles that most Airsoft players run by. And we will discuss some guns of which this role may want to choose from.

This role is probably one of my personal preferences. A leader/auxiliary unit needs something fast, light, and automatic. Most of the times, these players will be upfront and in the action. They need to be able to light someone up with plastic in a heartbeat. A good choice of weapon would be any assault rifle – something automatic with decent accuracy. Just pull the trigger and let it rain.

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When playing a role like the marksman, you need to make sure you have a hell of an aim. The marksman is usually someone who lays back, hidden, and picks off players with a high-power, long-range rifle. So if you’re not into getting rained on by the ARs, you should probably pick up a sniper rifle.

Support gunners are usually the mid-range players. They stick around the leader and are rather sneaky with their approach of the enemy. These gunners use a unique type of gun such as a mini-gun, or a SAW style gun. When the enemy is spotted, it’s finger on the trigger until they’re out of sight. Mini-guns and SAW weapons don’t have very good accuracy at all. So if you like to shoot and have money for excessive amounts of ammunition, go grab a support type gun.

Everyone in the Airsoft industry knows that it’s not a cheap hobby. However, depending again on your role, it can vary greatly. Anyone can acquire a good quality Airsoft gun for around, say, $100. This isn’t going to be the best gun by any means, but if you’re just looking to aim and shoot at some of your friends, don’t spend more than that. Airsoft guns can be expensive, up to $1,500, so depending on your die hard attitude about the sport, we wouldn’t suggest spending any more than $300 on a gun (and that’s pushing it).

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