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Felblood. Aside from the implications using this has within the lore of Warcraft it will also change the market in a couple of ways. Let me start by saying that currently there is little known about it.
It is used to craft the Mighty and Savage upgrade items. This will upgrade a stage four item to stage five, and a stage five to stage six. Each of these will cost 30 Felblood for a total of 60.
It is used to craft the new Epic Gems. These gems give +75 to a stat. Each gem requires 10 Felbood.
It will be obtained through the Barn.
Because it is similar to Savage Blood, but will be more valuable because it will be new and in high demand, it will likely replace Savage Blood as the main reason to have a Barn. The market will quickly become flooded with Felbood and prices will probably drop very quickly.
Because everyone will be focusing on Felblood it is possible that Savage Blood, though not in demand like it was before, might not lose too much value. It will still be needed to upgrade items from Stage 1 through Stage 4 and if most Barns shift towards creating the Felblood it is possible that Savage Blood might even see a small increase in value.
Unless the Felbood is NOT added to the Primal Vendor. Because if it isn’t there will be no reason to buy anything except Savage Blood. And with it’s price dropping to 25 there will be plenty of them for sale on the AH even if every single Barn switches to Felblood.
Are there any other ways to get it? We know that it will be through the Barn, but will it be added to the Primal Vendor? If so, what price will it be? And what will be the drop rate from the Barn? Will Alchemy get the ability to transmute Savage Blood into Felblood? What new type of Fel-Tainted Beast will we need to catch for it?
It’s still early on the PTR, it’s only been up for a few days after all. There is plenty of time to answer these questions, and more that haven’t been thought of yet. One thing is for sure though. When it does show up it will be very expensive, if only for a short time.
Currently I have a Trading Post on all of my characters. I have been buying Draenic Dust whenever it sells for 4 Garrison Resources. I’m going to keep my Trading Post going so I can collect the Resources as quickly as possible but I’m going to be buying Rush Orders for the Barn instead. The day before 6.2 is released I will be replacing every Trading Post with a Barn.
Then, when it is released, I will get every character to the point that they can capture what I need to for Felblood. I will process as many Work Orders as possible by powering through my Rush Orders ASAP. And I will try to sell as many Felblood as possible on day 1, when the price is the highest it will be.
Inevitably I will have some left over, possibly quiet a bit. At that point I will look into the different recipes and determine what the best way to use them will be. But the first priority is to hit the market with as many as possible.

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