How Facebook transforms me into a Pirate (for a few seconds every day)

I’ve always wanted to be a pirate.

There is something completely free in knowing that you are part of this ‘elite minority’ group that can pillage and do what they want (ideally).

So, when a friend of mine changed their language to Facebook Pirate. I was intrigued, to say the least. In the next four seconds I did something that has changed my life ever since. I made my official language… Pirate.

I know, I know. You’re wondering ‘How did it change your life’? Well.

Some of the comments on Pirate are just pure gems. Everytime a friend adds another friend of mine, it gives awesome comments like ‘Pass the rum around’.

For some reason, for that fliker of a second, while I’m reading the piratey way of things. I feel like a pirate.

This has changed me in several ways:

I’ve somehow managed to incorporate these words into my everyday vocabularly. In fact, it’s become so omnipresent in my vocabularly, I literally have to remind myself not use the most beloved venacular.

For a while there, I was becoming bored of Facebook. However, due to the new slang and actions. I can:

* Stab someone
* Skewer them with my cutlass
* Throw them overboard
* Abandon Ship

These slight changed versions in action, actually make me feel good about the time I spend on Facebook. Yes, when I click abandon ship – I do vaguely imagine myself falling off a sinking vessel.

Instead of the usual boring ‘one hour ago’, pirates count time in shots of rum! They also use hour glasses and sunrises.

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A friend of mine also as their language set as pirate and he mentioned he started to count time in rum. It never occured to me, that, occassionally I’d do that too.

However, as with everything in life. The pirate theme has a flaw (how could it not?!).


<insert drum roll here>

Due to the fact that I’m not a pirate (unfortunately), I sometimes don’t understand all the pirate lingo. This can be irritating, as occasionally I’ll delete or do something I didn’t really mean to do. However – I now live by a new principal. If I don’t know what it means, I don’t press the button.

All in all, this language is awesome, good for a laughs. If you feel the need to escape, it can do pretty much that for you.

I’ve taken screenshots of all the basic functionality of Facebook Pirate, so you can get a sense of what you’ll be getting if you change your language.

Who doesn’t want to feel like a pirate? Even if it is for a couple of seconds a day.

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