How to create Google Chrome theme

As a power internet user, I’m always searching for something that will ease my pressure. For example, an internet browser like Google Chrome and combination of some useful plugins like Google Dictionary, Google Ad-sense, Alexa helps me a lot on number of occasions. Number of new and exciting features like deep integration with your Google account are some of the handy reasons which explains why Chrome is popular worldwide. On the other hand, I love to customize things around me to match my mood and this is why I’m big fan of Android too. When it comes to customizing Google Chrome, I love to customize its themes and find out various new and useful plugins.

I’m quite sure that there would be number of people who would be wanting to create Google Chrome theme according to their moods and needs. Today, I’m going to talk about one of the Google Chrome plugin which helps to create Google Chrome theme as per your needs.


As I said earlier, we are going to make use of plugin. To do so, open a new tab in Google chrome and go to the Chrome web store. Search for My Chrome Theme. Application is developed by Google itself, which should leave no doubts in your mind(like being spyware or malware).

To create Google chrome theme, you will be required to import desired wallpaper of your choice from your computer. Once you have installed and downloaded it, fire it up to start. Click on Start making theme to import the wallpaper. Upon selecting your own wallpaper, Google will upload it their servers. Once the upload is 100% done, you will shown the preview of how it will appear on Google Chrome.

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Check out the screenshot above for reference. When I chose wallpaper of my choice, it was displaced to left side. Choosing fill screen from the popup will fill up the screen. There are number of positions to try. Get your hands on all of these options and see which suites your wallpaper. When you are ready with the position, click on Continue to step 2.

As you proceed to the step 2, you will notice 3 pins at three different locations. They are actually pointing out the positions which you can customize with different colors.

* Toolbar color
* Background toolbar color
* Frame color

Choose the colors you wish to keep and move on to next step by clicking Continue to step 3.

Now, you are in the final stage of applying your very own theme to Google chrome. Just enter the name you wish to keep and click on make my theme. Hold on for few seconds while it generates the theme for you. Upon completion, it will present you two options. Either install the theme on your desktop or share it with your friends.

Click on install theme to install it on your Chrome browser. Also, do share your Chrome themes in the comments below. I would love to try them off.

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