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But most of the newbies often face a problem. Their post doesn’t get published at first attempt on desired blog. They habitually told “I have maintained all the guidelines provided by the blog but still my post has been disapproved. Though I have not faced this problem at any time personally but I have seen this kind of query more 20 times while browsing different forums.
So, today, this article will help you to get your guest post published at first time on any blog without having any disapproved message. You just have to do more apart from their own guidelines.


Generally, 99% guest post accepted blogs has already written own guidelines as per their requirements from guest authors. So, what you have to do? You have to read them carefully and note them down after one by one. It will help you to write your guest post even faster.
Suppose, a blog accepts their guest post which is of more than 500 words. At this time, your target of word count should be minimum 600. In this way, when you will finish your writing and final editing, you will get more than 500 words easily without even re-adding any word.
You can choose any blog under your own niche but your post should be unique as well as relevant. Let’s say, you have chosen this blog for guest posting. Obviously, you should have to write an article on blogging, WordPress , Email Marketing and other related topic. Even if you write article on latest mobile or Android app etc., you have no chance to get approved your guest post at first time on this weblog.
No matter, which topic you have chosen to write on but you should read their published article at first. It will help you to write relevant content as well as you can make some interlink which is helpful to get your guest post published at first attempt.
Do not add more than enough outbound link in your guest post. Even, don’t add your own affiliate or any other promotional link as well.
If the blog allows users to register as a contributor then you can add your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and your own website link in author bio. But if the blog accepts guest post through email, just write down a simple author bio as follows;

About the Author:

Hi! My name is X from I am passionate/professional blogger/webmaster/etc. and I have an X year of experience.
That’s all! Don’t add any other word that may harm your identity.
If you have a contributor account, you should also sign up to Gravatar for getting your image on that blog since most of the blog use Gravatar image as profile picture. It will assist you to make your own identity and this is truth that no one wants to get posts from a suspicious person.


I have told you what can get your guest post published at first time but you have to do more apart from these. You should also select high engaging blogs for guest posting. Otherwise, your post will have no value.

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