HOW TO: Play Games With ScummVM On Your HTC Desire

What We’re Going to Achieve

Sorry about blurriness, will have a try during the day to see if I can get it clearer.  Actual graphics are much better – see screenshot at the end of this article!

What Is ScummVM?

ScummVM is an application that let’s you play certain PC games on alternate hardware (such as an Android phone).  Examples of ScummVM compatible games include:

  • Monkey Island Series
  • Sam and Max Hit the Road
  • Full Throttle
  • Broken Sword 1 & 2
  • and plenty more which you can see here

For this tutorial I’m using Broken Sword because I have the full trilogy to hand.


  1. Firstly, make sure the game you want to play is supported by ScummVM by checking this page
  2. A copy of the game you want to play on your Desire (as mentioned, I’m using Broken Sword).
  3. A MicroSD card with at least 1GB free space.  This depends on the game you want to use – Broken Sword takes 1.13GB and that’s 2 CDs
  4. At least 30MB free space on your phone


  1. The latest ScummVM .apk file.  I used this version but there are alternatives on the ScummVM for Android progress page

Instructions (click any of the images to enlarge)

  1. Install the ScummVM.apk file to your Desire.  If you don’t know how to just use these simple instructions
  2. Connect your Desire to your computer in Disk Drive mode
  3. Insert the game CD into your computer’s DVD-drive
  4. On your SD card create a folder somewhere to store the game files.  I just made a folder in the root called Broken Sword
  5. Go on the ScummVM datafiles page and find the section relating to the game you’re installing.  It’ll show you the files to copy.  For Broken Sword it has the following:
    • *.clu
    • swordres.rif
    • MUSIC folder (Except 2M29.WAV in CD2)
    • SMACKSHI folder
    • SPEECH folder
    • Rename speech.clu on CD1 to speech1.clu
    • Rename speech.clu on CD2 to speech2.clu
  6. Copy the files it mentions from your game CD to the SD card.  The CD contents are shown below:
  7. The contents of the Broken Sword folder on my SD card now look like this:

    I copied the video folder over too, just to check if it would work – and it did!
    Because it didn’t say “clusters folder” but did mention the *.clu files, I put the contents of the clusters folder in the main directory instead of a subfolder.  Same with swordres.rif
    I didn’t have a SMACKSHI folder so I ignored that

  8. Once copied Safely Eject your SD card from computer, Unmount it by changing it to Charge Only mode
  9. Open ScummVM from your apps menu, and you’ll see the following:
  10. Press Add Game and scroll down, double-click sdcard (using trackpad or touchscreen), then find the folder where your game is stored
  11. Press Choose and a box showing details of your game will appear
  12. The main things to check here are:
    • the name of your game is correct
    • Under paths change the Save path to somewhere on your sdcard.  I just saved in in my game folder.


  13. Press OK
  14. Press Start and if all’s gone well your game should load up!


Extra Info

The release I’ve used is 1.1.1-vorbis.  This isn’t the final version and has a few bugs.  Before attempting this tutorial check the downloads page if a newer version is available.
One of the main bugs in this version is that each time you start the app you have to add the game again (steps 10-13).  As long as you save your game you can still carry on where you left off.


  1. The ScummVM menu screen keeps flickering in the background
    A.  Press the Home button to go to your homescreen.  Hold down the Home button and switch back to ScummVM.  The flickering should have stopped
  2. How Do I Change the Volume?
    A.  The volume keys don’t seem to respond within ScummVM.  Just press Home to go to homescreen.  Use the volume rocker (it should change the Media Volume) then switch back to ScummVM.  Additionally, there’s also some volume settings within ScummVM if you press the Menu button during the game and go on Options.
  3. I’ve noticed that there are some ScummVM game plugins in the Market for various games.  Do I need them?
    A.  As far as I’m aware, no.  I’ve tried running Broken Sword without the plugin and it still appears to work.  If your game doesn’t seem to be working properly then try download the plugin and see if it helps.

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