Identifying Marketable Keywords

Article Marketing

Chances are if you are reading this article you are taking the plunge into the world of making easy money online. Excellent choice! It should of been a simple business decision to get this far, since you have still not spent a single cent of your money.

The first and most important thing we need to do is identify your niche. A Niche is something that we can find that is worth marketing. It can be anything really from something broad like “mp3 players” to something more pin pointed like “apple ipod”.

Finding that first niche may take you a little while but it is not really hard to do at all. What is a little bit harder is finding one that is worth putting some work into and promises to get you some return. There are a few ways to find a new niche that are really simple to do. One way is to use popular e-commerce sites such as and .

Take some time and check out all the different categories and the items that are listed on the front page. These are the items that are the hot sellers right now and are worth marketing.Lets say you look into the home and garden supply page and a certain type of bake ware comes up first. This would be a niche that has marketing potential because it is popular enough to consumers that it has reached popularity on the main page. Take a look through some pages and find something that interests you. I can not stress that enough however, make sure it is something that you are interesting to you as it will only make it easier later on when it comes time to write content for your niche sites.

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Another method I use that most people don’t think twice about is checking on the world around me. I hope that all of you venture away from your computer at some point during the day! When you do, look whats going on outside right now. See what trends are popping up and what the new hot item is. I especially like to look at what people are peddling at the kiosks in the mall (From a distance though, I hate when they try and sell me stuff!). It could be the next big thing and we want to find that niche before it gets to big its not worth marketing.

Remember a few years back when you could not figure out what the big deal was with everyone wearing furry boots? The term “Uggs” is searched 2.2 million times per month in google alone, with a average cost-per-click (CPC) of $1.62 cents. You do the math, we both could of been on easy street by now, so get out there and find some keywords that interest you.

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