Internet Software for Webmasters

Internet Software applications include a vast range of functionality, covering all aspects of online business activity. Have you installed the right internet software tools on your computer?….

Choosing The Right Tool and Programs

The power of Internet software to help you save time and money, is critical for small businesses. All Webmasters rely on Internet based software to keep their data safe, operate with limited budgets, eliminate waste and inefficiency, and boost sales wherever possible. There are many types of software related to using and exploiting the Internet…

Browser Software and Privacy

Web browses are designed to help you use the web and safely and securely. The perception is you ‘visit a website’ and somehow go to their web pages. This is not strictly true. The browser merely provides a window through which web pages can be instantly downloaded to your computer and then viewed. You are essentially taking a copy of the files and viewing them on your own computer, via your browser. Unfortunately, most of the popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, all store data on your local computer. This is designed to help speed up your future browsing experience, as well as serve up contextual advertorials, by building up a picture of your favourite online interests.

While browsers have many privacy and security features built-in, users are not always be aware of threats or implications of leaving them switched off. In particular, allowing JavaScript, cookies, plugins, redirects and cache to be ‘enabled’, all lower the level’s of computer security. Check ‘Tool’s, then ‘Options’ in most browsers, to turn these features on or off. There are also different ‘washing’ utilities available, which can crush all traces of recent Internet cache and activity of various temporary and permanent directories stored on computer.

Internet Monitoring Software

Internet monitoring software now exists so employers can record any inappropriate activities of their employees. For example, employers may be concerned about employee visiting inappropriate websites, committing insider theft, or undertaking any other illegal activity. Monitoring software can automatically capture all employee Internet and desktop activity whether they are in the office, travelling or working remotely. Most packages basic features can record instant chats, application used, online searches, IM’s, emails, network activity, document printing activity, files downloaded, web sites visited, keystrokes entered, logon and logoff timestamps and can even provide screen snapshots!

The potential infringement on privacy laws by implementing this type software are immense! As an employer, you should seek legal advice on what you can and cant do in relation to monitoring of employees. It is argued by software providers, that the implementation of this type of software can indirectly increase productivity, (as employees waste less time surfing the web for personal gain and not doing their jobs).

Managing and Promoting Your Website

Whether you are building your own company website, or employing a web design company to do it for you, there is a whole host of website promotional software to facilitate the process. These include basic HTML editing software programs, (such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver), to help you to create web pages. There are many search engine optimization software tools. These include search engine submission packages (which automate mass submission to hundreds of search engines, blogs and directories). In addition, basic FTP (file transfer protocol) software exists, to help move content from computer up to your website whether the text, audio or video.

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There is also a vast selection of software spiders to interrogate search engines to evaluate competitors websites, count link popularity, measure keyword density and check search engine positions. Achieving high rankings ‘organically’ is not easy and can not be achieved quickly. If you are purchasing Internet marketing software tools, always seek professional advice from a reputable company before attempting to do it yourself. Please note many search engines frown upon automated software tools. Many have become obsolete, if the registered number of users is not high enough for the developer to build future updates.

Keeping Your PC Secure and Securing Your PC

The most significant bit of Internet software is the firewall which prevents unauthorised access to the local network contained within the PC. Firewalls protect against hacker attacks. However, a suite of other tools are essential to prevent other online threats. Virus’s, trojans, adware and spyware are scripts designed to infect computers and replicate across a network. These parasites intend to steal personal information, redirect users to unwanted websites, pop up advertisements, or take over their computer entirely in order to use it as part of a denial of service attack. To curb these threats there are many anti-spyware and anti-virus software programs available to improve computer security. They detect malicious threats, which users have unwittingly collected while visiting websites or opening infected emails. Unfortunately, the hackers are usually one step ahead of the software companies, (who must examine the new type of attack and respond with updates for its users). Other defensive tools include file encryption, password managers and registry tools.

Using Business Applications Online

Lastly, most business applications are sold and delivered electronically via download across the web. The most popular types of small business programs downloaded provide solutions for accounting, contact management, invoicing and billing, inventory management and office management. Today’s online stores use software reviews from existing users to help promote and sell Internet downloads. Some larger vendors are choosing to deliver their products via a cloud based service.

Good luck choosing your Internet software tools for your business!

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