Lighting For Your Wedding

Your wedding day is mean to be one of the best days of your life so you obviously want everything to be perfect. This means your wedding venue has to look as good as possible and a good way to make your venue you brilliant is by getting the lighting perfect as well. With the many types of lights available some people do often get their lighting wrong and this can make the venue look strange and obscure. When having lights at your venue you should try and keep it consistent as well as extending to different parts of the venue like the entrance.

People do not realize how much lighting can change the look of a wedding venue but it the perfect way for you to create an atmosphere. Uplighting is a great way for you to change the look of a room instantly. This work by sending a beam of light from the floor to the ceiling and the colour of these can vary drastically. They generally have to be positioned against a wall and there should a set of these every few metres so that the light chosen can affect the whole room. It is possible to do lights that change colour in a sequence that you choose. This could create a party atmosphere which could encourage people to have a good time and if people have fun at your wedding they are more likely to remember your special day.

Colour washing is a popular form of lights that is generally used with most buildings and discos etc. these contain a selection of high powered LED lights which change from one colour to another over a set period of time. This can act as a sort of mood lighting throughout the whole of the venue. The best thing about these lights is that you do not have to decide on a set colour for your wedding day. You can have the colours changing and if you like one particular colour it is possible to just have that colour on. These are becoming increasingly popular because people like the idea of having the whole room changing like a rainbow or just having one set colour.

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Another LED light that you could use is the LED Battons. This a square or any other shape that can be set up at different points around the room and these then glow in the colour that you want them to and people do find these very effective.

Spotlights are ever popular at people’s weddings as people can use these to focus the centre of attention at one point. These can be used at various points throughout the night and they do generally work. The best man’s speech is a great way for you to use this as is the bride and grooms first dance. A spotlight will stop people doing what they are doing and may actually make them focus on what you are doing. These are normally just very simple and can set up just by using a white light on the ceiling. To add to this you could have a disco ball which can k make light spread around the room which does generally look amazing.

The most common type of lighting at a wedding is the lights with moving heads. These have neon or LEED lights that shine around the room and can turn the event into a party which most people do want. These can be set to your specifications or they can just be set on random making it have more of a disco feel. These lights can come in various shapes and if you want you can have them shining shapes around your room which can make your room match your venue which is obviously what you want.

What lighting you do choose for your wedding is up to you but it is very important not to overdo it. If you have every type of light it is more likely to cause problems rather than help set a mood for your evening. These can prove expensive so that is probably going to stop you using a lot of light but on the other hand you don’t want to have 1 light as this can look very odd and look just as bad.

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