O2 To Stock HTC Desire From 10th May

Just rang O2 to find out if they’ll be getting the Desire in anytime soon, and the sales person told me they’re expecting it from 10 May.  I’m hoping the stock levels in the UK have stabilised, or at least will be stable by then (no doubt the Ash Cloud didn’t make the situation better).

I also asked for what kind of deal they could offer me, but she said that she didn’t know herself what plans they would be offering until closer to the date.  Considering that T-Mobile removed all their £10 deals, and the total cost for a Desire contract whether 18 months or 24 months is around £450, I wouldn’t expect O2′s pricing to be much different.

If you’re nearing the end of your contract you should be able to get a decent deal via retentions.  Remember, that retentions is NOT the same as upgrades.  If you ring the upgrade line you won’t be offered a good-a-deal as you’d get from retentions.  To get to retentions call O2 and ask for a PAC, within a  couple of days you should get a call from retentions asking why you’re leaving, if you’ve found a better elsewhere and so on – just state the kind of thing you’re looking for and they’ll offer you the best they can.

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If you’re desperate for a Desire and considering leaving O2, well it might just be worth waiting a couple of weeks and seeing what O2 can do for you!

Update:  Turns out the salesperson didn’t have the up-to-date information.  O2 posted their Desire deals on their blog later on today which you can see below.  Very expensive compared to other networks, with the cheapest 18 month deal totalling £640 and 24 months at £700!!!


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