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Allow me to say that the following post is not about discrediting any one individual. What I question are the motives that go into diet and eating programs and the strict adherence that can leave an individual lacking in one nutrient or another. I myself eat over 85% raw food. As you will see over the next few weeks, raw food is the healthiest way to not only lose weight but also give your body the opportunity to heal itself from within. Raw food is the key foundation to a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Yes, the food pyramid we all grew up with is a load of crap.

There are thousands of different diets out there and absolutely none of them work. Why? They are full of restrictions that cannot be maintained on willpower alone. Tell a kid they can’t have a piece of candy, they will immediately want that piece of candy and will do all kinds of things to justify you giving them the candy. Either that or the perpetual, “Can I?”, “Can I now?”. Tell an adult they can’t have something, the adult will want it. But that is only part of why diets do not work.

The second reason diets do not work is because people are made to feel unworthy for even having a thought about a food that is not on the diet. Eventually the craving sets in and a person leaves the diet or eating program because all of a sudden they are reprimanded or shunned by peers.

I witnessed someone ask a group of vegans about their diet and way of life. This person was a vegetarian themselves and also consumed egg and dairy products in moderation. The resulting response from the vegan community was not one of try this or try that. It was, “give up dairy and eggs or be happy in your exploitative life.” Huh? I have heard raw foodist say to someone, “hey, if you want to eat cooked food, its your life your killing.” Really? It is no wonder people just give up and continue eating the good ol American diet of burgers and fries and clog up their arteries. Sometimes it seems like it is just not worth the emotional trauma.

There is a better way though. There is a way to eat healthy and to live long and vibrant lives. The neat thing is that you do not have to buy supplements or the latest “guru” information. It is simple really. And it is probably going to infuriate a lot of diet companies and health “gurus”.

The keys to health are not in the food pyramid nor are the keys in any one diet. The key I believe is not vegan nor is it all raw food. This is different. This is a direct reason I have not been sick in over five years. The foods we need are all natural without any supplements or fortified products.

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My diet consists of raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw sprouts, raw nuts and seeds (very little), herbal teas, whole grains (not processed) and eggs. Over 85% raw with some properly cooked whole grains and eggs. Eat these things and you will enjoy great health and fantastic energy. Now I know what you’re saying, “That’s not raw foodist talk.” And you’re right…it’s not. Why pigeon hole yourself to a system that really in one way or another will revolve around a product to sell you?

Lets be real. You’re real and I’m real. We all know that eating meat is ethically wrong and just wrong for our diets. Why wrong for our diets? Meat was never meant to be in our diets in the first place. Meats are now so chemicalized with hormone drugs and other chemicals that have no business in our bodies. Even so called “organic certified” meat is raised in similar conditions that conventional meats are raised in. I will have another post in the following weeks concerning meat and meat by-products that will illuminate this even further.

Raw fruits and vegetables contain almost all of the nutrients our bodies need. At one time, they would have provided all that we needed. However pollution, soil nutrient depletion and environmental hazards have stripped a lot of the original nutrient content. This is perhaps why B12 is not found in any significant quantity in plant foods.

There are many, many things to consider when you want to live a long and healthy life. But it should not be a cumbersome chore of calorie counting or daily nutrient counting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once you understand the basic principles I will be sharing, you will see that you have a wide variety of healthy foods available to you that you can eat to your hearts content.

What I am introducing and reflecting in my personal life is a lifestyle that revolves around raw foods with whole grains and eggs as a supplement to the nutritional deficiencies found in a strict raw food diet. Forget supplement pills and powders, forget dietary aids, forget “super foods”. This will cost you nothing more than your regular trips to the grocery store.

I am only showing a different way that seems to work well and makes sense. Is it right for you? That is for you to decide. The neat thing is that you get a different perspective. One that is not cluttered with sales and ego. We all deserve to live healthy and vibrant lives without guilt and without synthetic supplements.

As we progress on this journey to fantastic health together I ask only a few things of you:

Have an open mind

Have fun

Ask questions

There is no one perfect diet. There is no magic pill. There is however, a way of eating that sustains us nutritionally and enjoyably that we will derive great health, energy and vibrancy. Funny thing is, we have no name for it…nor do we want one.

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