The Quickest Path To Starting An Online Business

Sometimes good people inspired to be entrepreneurs because they want to make more money and have a better lifestyle. it’s human nature to want instant gratification. In other words we as human beings want things now fast.

We see this example played out in sports a lot. a star player has a great game and he is a hero. Let the same player have a bad week and the fans are ready to run them out of town. So here is a formula to start an online business as quickly as possible.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Ask yourself that question are you and entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes. People who are not entrepreneurs are not willing to work hard and want success they fast. That’s why a lot of people get sucked into scams and things that don’t work because they claim to have a fast result and that’s what we all want.

In summary an entrepreneur organizes their life on a schedule, they strive to be positive in every aspect of their endeavor. They are determined to see their project through to the end. They will do everything in their power and become whatever their business needs in a legal and positive way. They are a self-starter not relying on orders from others. An entrepreneur looks for different solutions when someone says no, in fact no is not an option. Is this you?


If you truly believe you are an entrepreneur then what do you want to do? When I asked this to people who desire to start a business many reply and say they want to be successful or make a lot of money. I have seen people get involved in things that they did not like or had no desire to pursue, they just did it for the money.

If you desire to be an entrepreneur you want to do something that you love and are very passionate about. Why? Two reasons.

Small business is not always easy. Just like in life things go wrong. When times get tough many people give up on their project when they are not passionate about it. In fact people who are not passionate about what they do tend to jump around from one project to another not seeing any of them through or completing any. This attitude often leads a person not working as hard as they should.

The second reason why you should love what you do is because it will show in your work. When you are passionate about what you are doing, it will be seen by others. It will also make selling yourself easier because people will see and feel your passion and know you are serious.



Now I do not like to put down my fellow entrepreneurs on their endeavor, but the truth will set you free.

People who get involved with network marketing, multilevel marketing, marketing with down lines, pyramids or any other business like these tend to be pushy rather than passionate. Just like the sleazy car salesman. You can tell when a person just wants you to be part of part of their down line versus someone who is passionate about what they do.

People who are part of networks and down line programs are pushy. They make multiple calls and almost have to beg for clients. When these people find out that I’m an entrepreneur, they always beg me to be a part of their program. You will never build a long term business by begging or not taking a personal interest in your clients.

On the other hand being passionate is great quality that will shine bright in your business. Being honest, telling your story and working hard will pay off in the long run. When you are passionate and honest people will be drawn to you versus you begging for them. People will also come back to you over and over when they like you as a person and what you are about.

So make sure you develop good habits. Like the good book says, “do to others as you would like done to you.” Share your story and let your personality shine.


This is something that a lot of people have a problem with, applying oneself to take action. There are many reasons why. Fear, poor organization, lack of leadership, lazy, procrastination, negative thoughts, bad influences and the list can go on and on.

I once worked with a partner who left his job to work with me on a business. The first two months he was totally unproductive. His reason. He said that I was not telling him what to do. He was so used to having a boss he could not do a thing on his own. I have seen people work harder for a corporation or a job instead of themselves. Some people want to change their life but do not believe in themselves. That’s really a shame.

If you really want to improve your life, then you must learn to become an entrepreneur. You must learn how to apply yourself and take action. Here are a few ways to do this.

Work hard to practice and implement these things in your life so you can apply yourself.


Now if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and starting a real business that will last for years to come, check out this free program. I have personally been involved in the Internet marketing for about four years. This free course is by far the most up-to-date step-by-step guide for starting a real online business. Check it out! I hope to see you soon remember always endeavor.

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