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Blackberry Playbook is the latest edition in the world of Blackberry phone devices and it is the first tablet launched by RIM. The Playbook is specifically designed and developed to cater the business needs of Blackberry Smartphone users. Having a light weight of just 425g and 1 GHz of dual core processor, the Blackberry Playbook is featured with a 3-mega pixel front camera and 5-mega pixel rear camera that provides a high definition to your video calls.

Moreover, its 16 GB memory, web browser flash support and 8 hours battery life makes this new Playbook a stunning addition to the business arsenal of most of the businessmen worldwide.

With the development of this advanced Blackberry Playbook, several business apps have also been developed to by Blackberry portal. However, there is not a vast selection of Playbook business applications but herewith I have documented to you the best 10 Blackberry Playbook business apps that will prove to be essential for your business kit.

1. Documents To Go Premium

This app is wonderful if you want to work with your business files and data in the format of MS Office. With this Documents To Go Premium app, you can read or make or edit your all files of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint and can also see PDF. It also has the feature of bi-directional desktop synchronization that enables you to update the new version of any document automatically.

2. Adobe Connect Mobile

As mentioned earlier that Playbook has 3-mp front facing camera and 5 mp rear camera but it is the Adobe Connect Mobile app that enables you to work with both of the cameras while using video conferencing. This app is available with 24*7 support via monthly subscription and is the best method to deal with your colleagues and clients with blackberry.

3. iSpeech Translator

If you are in a business that requires you to deal with International clients and you are not very fluent in speaking many of foreign languages; iSpeech Translator is the right app to grow your business. This free application features speech recognition and also translates text to various supported foreign languages. Isn’t it wonderful!

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4. Business Card Reader

It is a wonderful application to organize all your business contacts in your Playbook. You just have to take a photo of the required card and its ABBYYS text technology will automatically read it and set up the new contact in your Smartphone with correct phone numbers and email addresses.

5. Currency Exchange Rates

While dealing business with foreign clients, it is quite essential that you understand all the foreign currencies accurately and put the figures correctly. So here is the free Playbook app that converts 70 different kinds of currencies across the world and helps you stay update with the world’s business market.

6. Poynt

This app is highly beneficial to you if you are in an unknown city. Point gives you a route map of everything you want to look for and thus saves you time and energy.

7. IdeaPad

This app is for those people who want to note down their ideas during meetings. With the help of its in-built templates, IdeaPad will help you take written notes or make diagrams and to draw mobile user interface concepts.

8. Fortune Magazine

This is a quite useful app for business people that is laced with latest business news and updates such as love market news, stock quotes and other useful data. Thus it helps you to get important information about specific companies across the world while you are on the go.

9. Easy Agenda

This app is really useful for business persons as it keeps a full track of all your meetings or conferences with exact date and time and thus you can check all your scheduled programs with a glance.

10. Time Traveler

If your business required you to travel around different parts of the world, then the different time zones of different places is a thing that can certainly put you in trouble. But Time Traveler is an useful app that will always keep you on time according to the time zone ball.


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