Top 10 Business Profit Leaks

There’s a dirty little lie you’re being told about business success.

Have you seen people trying to sell you the one foolproof trick, the life-changing technique, the magic pill that will suddenly give you the success and the freedom you’ve been looking for?

Those tricks will set ablaze your wallet leaving little or nothing in return.

Sure, those tricks and magic pills MAY work for some. They might only work for weeks or months. Many don’t work at all.

All they do is give you ideas and get you all excited, BUT time and time again they fail to get you the results you’ve been looking for. The results that you were promised.

Business owners chase these magic pills because they are desperate to get away from the drain of working so many hours.

Professionals know that the secret is to solve the underlying strategy forever, NOT use tricks and magic pills.

Magic Pills and tricks are out there everywhere because they get more attention, but they bring you countless extra hours of UNDOING the problems they cause. Which means you end up WASTING MORE TIME and Making less money. I confess though… I’ve tried those tactics too. The magic pills that sound too good to be true.

With 30 years experience working with 1000’s of businesses I’ve learned what produces the best results.

Which is why I know those tricks and magic pills don’t work.

When you’re looking for REAL results, IE actually working less and making more, you need practical metrics to verify this is happening.

This is exactly what NO one else will do, especially the so-called gurus because it means they have to hold themselves accountable for not only delivering great information but also for actually getting results.

Not all are bad, though more than 75% are focused on lining their own pockets and are not truly committed to getting you results.

To the create results you are looking for in your business, you need a strategy change.

One Supreme Strategy Can Change Your Business Fortune Forever

To solve the issue and work less hours and make more money PERMANENTLY, you have to alter the way you run your business.

Albert Einstein Said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

The issue here is though, not 1 in 100 people can SEE the thinking that got them working a million hours.

So while many understand Einstein’s quote on the surface, few are able to realign their thinking and their business processes that got them to where they are now. Overworked and wondering why things are not going as planned even though they’re working as hard as they possibly can..

Avoid These Time-and Money-Sucking Solutions

When you are struggling with time pressures and your stress level hits the roof with your family, colleagues and clients, most owners attempt something heroic.

They work even MORE hours with the hope of freedom later, they start sacrificing quality, they buy unproven products to solve the problem, or they quickly hire a staff member to take the burden off themselves.

On the surface, all of those things seem like the logical next step.

Yet they almost always cause a bigger disruption to the business. They cause more pain and actually magnify the problem instead of solving it.

What I’ve learned from working with companies from $200,000 to 5 Billion

The good news is when business owners are struggling it’s usually only 1 thing that needs to be addressed to move the business forward.

Eliyahu Goldratt said it best: “If you are like nearly everyone else in this world, you have accepted so many things without quotes that you’re not thinking at all.”

The secret is identifying the key measures that are not producing results you want.

To find your key measures, you take a close look at your business and where you actually spend your time and you money vs. where you think you do. Many times, your money flows out the door without any thought of return on that investment. But that will change forever when you see the feedback from real time data. This will show you where the true issue is and if you know how to interpret the numbers, how to fix it too.

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Take marketing for example. You might be advertising, going to networking events, posting on social media, blogging, going to mixers, and speaking at local chamber meetings. This all sounds well and good. But what are your actual results vs. your costs in time and money? 95% of small business owners simply do not know.

And how about your process for bringing in a new customer, client, or patient. Must they fill out their information on blank forms over and over which is quite annoying? I’ll bet there is a better way than to treat friends like strangers.

And how about operational performance? Do you know your top three most profitable products? How about your top three most profitable customers? If you don’t know, your business could be leaking a lot of money.

And how about your strategic productivity? Are you frequently doing work well below your pay grade? Are you reaching your peak potential at least 25 hours a week? This can make all the difference in working like a maniac vs taking off every Friday.

One of my clients is a social media expert who is so talented that she can do everything. Maybe you can relate. Just because she can doesn’t mean that she should do everything! We took a close look at the value of an hour of her time and it ranged from $15 to $500 an hour. Simply by moving 20% of her tasks into high-value activities, her revenues and profits skyrocketed and best of all she had more free time with her family. And she was actually present – not on the phone or email during that precious family time.

Avoid Working Too Many Hours For Too Little Money by hiring me as your mentor

Every month I work with a few hand-picked business owners to get them guaranteed results on working less hours and making more money. Many express the long-term goal to take every Friday off. And I can give it to them! [I have a new toll free # 1-844-FridayOff] It’s all done over the phone, personalized 1-on-1 focused attention on only you and your business. We don’t talk theory. We talk about the issues you are facing every day, day in and day out. And we record the calls so you can replay the parts on measures and practical actions and what exactly needs to get done. You can brainstorm and expand your thinking on the call because it’s all on tape for later. And there is also unlimited email access too to clarify any actions between our calls. I can only succeed if you succeed. It is guaranteed. We work together to solve your core issues (many times it’s not what you think) so you can work less hours and make more money. We also optimize your major business processes and structure to weed out the problems and plug your profit leaks. Even those pesky sales and marketing issues are on the table. Or, if you’d like to begin to work on optimizing your business on your own you can read my best-selling book Whatever you do, don’t buy those magic pills that are not guaranteed to deliver

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